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Developers and foreign investors resolve to boost Nigeria’s construction industry

Developers and foreign investors resolve to boost Nigeria’s construction industry

Lagos – If the latest rapprochement between Nigerian developers, Homework Development and Property Limited and some foreign investors is anything to go by, the nation’s construction industry will soon receive a significant boost.

The lift int he nation’s construction industry, INDEPENDENT learnt, may either be in enhanced direct foreign investment or through third party.

This came to the fore recently in Atlanta, Georgia, United States of America (USA), when a Lagos based real estate company, Homework Development and Property Limited launched campaigns towards increasing the confidence level in Nigeria’s real estate sector and ultimately encouraging more foreign investments into the sector.

The feat, it was learnt, became necessary to also correct wrong perception of the nation’s real estate industry among would be foreign players.

At the event, Homework also showcased its affordable products as well as the recent positive developments in the real estate industry in Nigeria.

The programme, which was the outcome of a recent conference organized by the Association of Nigerian Physicians in the Americas (ANPA) in Atlanta, was said to witness the presence of several hundreds of physicians and other professionals.

Reflecting on the conference, Arc., Jide Adekola, Director of Homework Development and Properties Limited, said it (the conference) provided a platform that helped to change the perception that foreign investors would not get value for their money or might get scammed in Nigeria; adding that it also created the awareness that there are professionals in the sector who are able to provide quality products in due time.

“The change in perception, which we have created, would in no small measure boost businesses and increase the volume of foreign direct investments that can engender increase in gross domestic product of the country. ANPA members, who have benefited from the unswerving services of the company, specifically requested that Homework should participate in the conference in order to take the Nigerian success story to the outside world.

“The event has exposed Homework to ANPA’s publications; increased networking and sales leads; the needs of customers and the property market; increased the trust of foreign investors in the Nigerian real estate market as well as boosted awareness that there is a unique selling point in the company’s products which are delivered by professional architects.”

Adekola explained that Nigeria’s real estate sector, which is inundated with issues of trust, lack of finance and presence of charlatanism, can be saved if government subsidises the cost of land for credible developers who have the capacity to provide affordable housing.

Furthermore, he noted that Homework would also take part in the annual conference organised by the National Association of Nigerian Nurses in North America and other subdivisions within the United States. This, he remarked, would enable the company reach out to other professional associations and more Nigerians in the globe.

“Homework is also planning to hold similar exhibition and talks in Canada, the United Kingdom and other countries with large population of Nigerians.”


Credit: Independent

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