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Disposal of household waste
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How do you dispose your household waste?

There are so many ways people dispose their household wastes. Some of the methods of household waste disposals have been detrimental to the environment. The burning of household wastes for example has been a negative factor in the environment. As little and negligent as the consequences of burning of wastes per household may be, the cumulative effect is dangerous.

Findings from the most recent vox pop that we did revealed that some households dump their wastes in drainage when it is raining. The incessant flood disaster is an indication of what is to come if this method of waste disposal continues.

Esther Adeniyi, a corresponent of Nigeria Real Estate Hub asked people how they dispose their household wastes. Below are some of the responses from the vox pop:

Tosin, student of Unilag : ‘Well, I stay in an hostel so what we do is that we have a central waste collection. We collect waste in our individual rooms and tie into disposable black nylons and throw into the central bin. I really don’t have an idea of the system of mass disposal. All I know is that I get there and do not find the waste after a while. I think LAWMA comes to pack or so.’

Tolu, a real estate agent said, ‘we have an incinerator or what do you people call it at a place very far from home. There are some men we pay to come and collect the waste. The waste of everyone is wheeled to that place, I think they call it incinerator or something and it is burned. I learnt in school that it is not good to burn because of the carbon(IV) oxide that is released but what can we do? As long as we can dispose our waste, who cares jare?’

Vivien, a Portharcout resident said, ‘ I stay in Port Harcourt and what we do where I stay is to bring our waste outside, we bring it to the road and the local government has waste collectors that come to collect it in mass. I know of people who are too lazy to take their waste to the road, so they just go and burn it behind their houses and to think that it is not far o, the road is not far from their house at all. I think it will also be good if there can be more sensitization on proper waste disposal to avoid all of this dirt and environmental hazard.

Taiwo, an Ogun state resident said, ‘well, we formerly had a well that was being dug until the workers abandoned and absconded with the money. We eventually had to go and dig a borehole. To avoid the well from being empty, we fill it with our waste because a dog had once mistakenly entered the well. It was covered but how it happened, we do not know.

Even though the abandonment of the well has made up very uncomfortable and annoyed in the past, I guess it is for the better because it is now a blessing in disguise. At least we are now saved from thinking of how to properly dispose our waste.’

Tunmininu, a corper in Anambra state said, ‘we have some people come to pick up our waste. We pay them some money and then they pack our waste every week. What we do is that we have one very big sac where we dump all our waste and then wait for the end of the week when those men come to collect. Some people burn their waste and it’s very bad in my own opinion. I think it doesn’t take you anything or should I say anything much to allow the Local government waste officials pack for you.’

Mrs Salau, a roadside trader said, ‘I dispose my waste where everybody dumps theirs. It is very far from where we live. So, we wait for when it is full and then my children pack and go to dispose.’

Emmanuel, a staff of Realty Point Limited said, ‘we pack it inside cellophane bags and wait for LAWMA to come and pack it every week. ‘

Taoheed, a resident of Lagos said ‘we give it to truck pushers, the aboki people after it is full. They charge according to how much the waste is. The least amount they collect is 100 naira and so on.’

Seyi, another resident of Lagos said, ‘we burn our waste. We used to give our waste to LAWMA but those guys are no more performing like they used to. We would like to have other options because burning affects the environment. Some of the people around the area I live dump it in drainage when it is raining and it should be really discouraged.‘

We would like to know how you dispose household wastes. Please use the comments section just below this post.

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