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Engineers advise against use of asphalt for Niger Delta roads
Mr. Bateim Ogariawo

Engineers advise against use of asphalt for Niger Delta roads

The Nation reports that experts in road construction, under the aegis of Nigerian Society of Engineers (NSE), have blamed the failure of roads in Niger Delta on the use of wrong construction methods and materials.

The experts spoke yesterday at this year’s annual lecture and award ceremony of the NSE in Port Harcourt, the Rivers State capital.

The Nation reports that, in a lecture, titled: A Pavement Mix Approach to Sustainable Road Infrastructure in the Niger Delta, a former NSE chairman, Bateim Ogariawo, noted that it was wrong to use asphalt on the region’s roads because of its peculiar terrain.

Ogariawo said since the region is surrounded by water, using asphalt to build its road would cause constant failures.

The expert said asphalt was not good in water-logged and swampy areas, adding that the oil-rich region was prone to water.

He stressed that concrete and interlocking pavements were better in such area because such methods could hold water.

Ogariawo said: “Concrete pavement is a better choice for road pavement construction in Niger Delta. We want to open up our understanding of road construction. In this country, we have been following the construction of road with asphalt pavement.

“Some people think it is only asphalt that could be used. But it is not good in Niger Delta terrain because it cannot withstand water. It is not good for wet land. That is why our roads do not last. Government would spend a lot of money on a road but after two years, it gets bad.

“Interlocking is also good. Although it may not be good for high traffic areas, but it is good for our streets and rural roads. Interlocking, by nature, is designed to drain water, but asphalt pavement is a water-holding course. But because water is reserved on it, it is damaged quickly.”

Source: The Nation

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