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Family petitions Amosun over forceful eviction by a land grabber

Fletcher family claims it has title to Ofada land

The Nation reports that the Soremekun Fletcher family has debunked the claims that it has no title to the Ofada land in Ogun State in a suit with Baale Rabiu Adewunmi and 13 others.

At a media briefing in Lagos, the family’s lawyer Chief Adekunle Funmilayo said the Appeal Court in Ibadan, the Oyo State capital, affirmed High Court’s decision in favour of the the Fletcher family.

Funmilayo recalled that report by newspapers showed that the judgment at the appellate court against the Fletcher family was misleading.

He said: “It is obvious that the appellant, contrary to their claims in their brief of argument, failed woefully in establishing their title to the land dispute by traditional history.

“As the learned trial judge rightly observed, the appellants did not trace their root to Soremekun and Fletcher, who were mentioned as founder of Ofada town.

“The late Soremekun Fletcher was acknowledge as the original founder of Ofada land and the Court of Appeal said at Page 23 that the respondents led credible evidence, actually supported by the averment in the appellants’ statement of claim that their ancestors, Soremekun Fletcher, first settled on Ofada land and founded same.”

Funmilayo said “Exhibit J” was tendered by the appellants, apparently to muddle the process of justice.

He said: “At Page 26, the Court of Appeal went on to say that ‘Exhibit J’ was tendered in evidence by the appellants, apparently in an attempt to prove that Fletcher and Soremekun were different persons.

“But it definitely confirmed ownership of land in Ofada by Fletcher and his descendants, including the respondents. It is, therefore, apparent from the Court of Appeal’s decision above that our client, the late Soremekun Fletcher’s family, are the adjudged first settlers and land owner of Ofada land.”

When The Nation contacted a representative of Baale Rabiu Adewunmi to comment on the matter, Dr. Babatunde Ladele, he said it was only their lawyer, O.  K. Salawu, who  that could respond to it.

Source: The Nation

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