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Federick Fasehun-"Give Buhari time, he will perform"

“Give Buhari time, he will perform in two years”- Dr Frederick Fasehun

The founder and president of O’odua People’s Congress (OPC), a Yoruba Socio-Cultural group, Dr Frederick Fasehun on Tuesday said that President Muhammadu Buhari still has about two years to perform to canvass for re-election by Nigerians in 2019.

He disclosed this at a news conference in Lagos on the state of the nation.

Fasehun, who noted that the present administration had to do more to win the confidence of Nigerians, said that governance has to do with service to the people.

According to him, Nigerians are calling on the President to raise his performance as 2019 general election approaches.

“Children don’t get promoted to the next class unless they have done well in the current class.

“Therefore, if Nigerians are saying that the current government is performing below expectations, I don’t think anybody in this current government has the right to ask Nigerians for their votes again.

“Of course, they still have about two years to perform, if they perform so beautifully, Nigerians can forgive them.

“But, I don’t think this government is performing up to the expectations of Nigerians.

“Perhaps, they have the magic to perform and persuade Nigerians to forgive them. If they have the magic, we wish them well.

“Politics is no magic, governance is no magic, it is through performance,” the OPC leader said.

Fasehun, who frowned at the recurrent killing of people by suspected herdsmen, urged the Federal Government to expedite action at tackling the menace before it snowballed into ethnic crisis.

He urged the president to perform his primary duty of enhancing welfare of citizens and security of lives and property.

“Security has broken down and the first duty of government is to provide security of lives and property.

“Therefore, we call on the President to act fast because he has few months left. He can still change the situation and make Nigeria and Nigerians great,” he added.

Fasehun, who urged the President to revive the economy and make education free for all, also appealed to the federal government to expedite action on alleviating poverty and hardship being faced by Nigerians.

The OPC leader also urged the president to address road infrastructural decay to curb all preventable road accidents.

On the selection of Otunba Gani Adams by the Alaafin of Oyo as the 15th Aare Ona Kakanfo, Fasehun said the development was an attestation and acknowledgement of the performance of OPC.

Credit: PM NEWS

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