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Fayose, Fayemi trades words over poor infrastructural development

There is an intense argument between the immediate past governor of Ekiti State, Ayo Fayose, and the current governor, Kayode Fayemi, over the state of infrastructural projects across the state.

Gov. Kayode Fayemi has decried the poor state of the Ikogosi Warm Spring Resorts, owing to deliberate abandonment of the facility by the immediate past administration.

Speaking with journalists after inspecting the resort, Fayemi expressed disappointment at the state of the infrastructures with the state.

He said, “I want to express my anger with what I have seen here today. I am really upset. You all witnessed the spate of development here in 2014, you knew the patronage this facility was enjoying,” Mr. Fayemi said.

“What I met here today means a destruction of Ekiti’s heritage. Destruction of our common wealth was unfortunate that our government had become so careless to allow this major tourist attraction and revenue earners for Ekiti to destroy and decay.

“This could have been avoided if the last government had maintained the facilities therein because it involved Ekiti’s money. It is not only the leadership that was culpable, the management of this place too should be held accountable, though I agree that leadership defines everything. Now, everything is in shambles.

“But my belief has been that a major tourist attraction like this shouldn’t be left in the hands of government alone to manage.”

But Mr. Fayose, through his media aide, Lere Olayinka, said Mr. Fayemi was only seeking ”an occasion to paint him black”, noting that the investment made (by Fayemi) at Ikogosi Resort was a fraud.

“Fayemi spent about N1.2 billion on Ikogosi Resort and the only thing the money was used for is to renovate the Ikogosi Hotel, a hotel situated at an hour drive from the state capital,” Mr. Olayinka declared this on the phone.

“If you spend about N1.2 billion on a project like that, and nobody did anything on it for four years, and you came back, at least you will still meet on the ground what you spent N1.2 billion on.

“What journalists should ask Fayemi is that how come after spending such an amount, there was nothing concrete after four years. What he did was to only renovate the hotel and it means that what he claimed on paper was spent on paper cannot be true.”

Mr. Fayose also said that UAC which produced the Gossi water is a private concern that only closed business after claiming it was not making profits.

“We also heard that he went to a general hospital and was lamenting that the hospital had no beds. That is the same hospital that he commissioned four years ago as a hospital completed,” Mr. Olayinka noted.

“Is he trying to say that Fayose came to remove the beds in the hospital? Even if we did not do anything at the hospital, at least the beds he bought would still be there.

“The truth is that Fayemi commissioned that hospital while it was yet to be completed. Nobody entered the hospital at the commissioning as against the normal practice. It was when we came into office, we plastered the interiors and gave it a facelift.”

Meanwhile, Mr. Fayemi has assured that the Gossy water project, owned by the United Africa Company(UAC) that had left the market would be brought back.


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