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LEBANON - Finance Minister Launches Online Real Estate Portal
Image: The Daily Star

LEBANON – Finance Minister Launches Online Real Estate Portal

Lebanon – Finance Minister Ali Hasan Khalil Tuesday launched an online real estate portal to facilitate real estate registration and property taxes.

“The interactive website aims to improve communication with the citizens and upgrade transparency in the real estate department,” George al-Mamari, the head of the real estate department at the Finance Ministry said following the launching of the website at the VAT building.

Khalil underlined the importance of this step but repeated calls to elect a president as soon as possible and to pass the 2016 draft budget in the Cabinet and Parliament.

He added that the world is amazed how Lebanon can function without a president. “When we meet someone in the world they can’t understand how Lebanon can continue without a president of the republic and with a dysfunctional government and parliament.”

He added that despite these drawbacks, the Lebanese have demonstrated a strong will to survive and kept hope that the country would be resurrected again.

“One of the changes in public administrations that need to take place is to reach a full e-government to reduce the direct contact between the civil servant and the citizen,” the minister said.

Khalil promised to apply the principle of the real estate website to all departments at the Finance Ministry.

The minister criticized some political groups that hinder the election of the president. “It is no longer acceptable to keep stalling in the election of a president. We need to search for a loophole to accomplish this task and to breathe life into the constitutional institutions.” He added that the parliament also is required to get its act together and start meeting regularly to endorse a set of draft laws that are vital for the citizens.

Lebanon has had no official budget since 2005 which is one of the main reasons credit rating agencies give a negative outlook for the country.

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