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How to Process Layout Approval in Lagos state

How to Process Layout Approval in Lagos state

A layout approval is consequential to every public or private building projects in Lagos state to ensure conformity to the state’s master plan. In this article, we take an indepth look at how to process layout approval in Lagos State.

The details of layout and planning are essential to proper construction of a building. Layout prepares the site
for the foundation which must be planned and completed for each building being constructed.

The real meaning and purpose of setting out (layout) is to transfer the plan, length and width of its foundation on the ground so that the foundation can be excavated for construction of purposed building as per drawing.

Before building development can commence, with respect to public and private estates, it is fundamental that the project owner is issued an approved layout development plan for his building project and must in no way contravene what is proposed in the approved building design.

The documents required to be submitted before a layout plan can be approved is no different from the documents requested for during the processes leading to building plan approval, In line with the State policy on Operation 30 – 30; an acronym for speedy processing/approval of building plan applications.

Nonetheless, I will go over it for the records;

While applying for layout approval, you are required to submit the following set of documents;

1. Five (5) sets each of :-
• Architectural Drawings,
• Structural Drawings, with detailing/calculations and letter of structural stability from COREN certfied Engineer.
2. Survey
3. Title Document
4. Tax clearance and Government fee (In the case of individuals); the Government fee only comes to play after your building plan must have been assessed and marked for approval…

5. Receipt of Tenement rate paid to the Government in respect of rateable properties owned by the applicant in Lagos State or Sworn Affidavit in lieu of that, or better still Land use charge rate.


Then inspection is carried out after you must have submitted the building design amongst other documents.
In Environmental Impact Assessment, irrespective of what you are doing you will have to submit soil test, topography map and project design.

After site inspection, a site report is taken and added into the inventory. A Provisional approval is issued after vetting has been done. They give you your design which ensures you do site and servicing.

Albeit, provisional approval doesn’t mean you will immediately start developing even though some people do start their building project afterwards.

Notwithstanding, provisional approval is for you to do your site and servicing, then make payment for layout approval. Having done that, you will then be requested to submit engineering drawing which is like M&E drawing. The engineering drawing shows sewage treatment, water supply, your road network, how you will carry out your drainage and the process by which you will run electricity into the premises. It is after this is done that you will be required to bring beacon sheet for each plot.

Its on the beacon sheet that final approval is granted.

However, before you get to the point of final approval, you will be asked to submit an approval order at the point when you submit engineering drawing and topography map. The approval order indicates the number of floors you want to erect in the building and/or the land in question; It shows the maximum number of floors for the project at hand.

That is the tool used in granting you layout approval.

On a final note; the importance of a layout plan approval in the course of a building project cannot be over-emphasized. The layout approval is not to constrain any builder neither is it to discourage, the layout approval is mainly to ensure a liveable and pleasant environment befitting the state’s mega city status.

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