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Do I Report The Illegal Activities In My Compound?

“How the heck did this dude manage to convince my good-natured and highly disciplined landlord to lease his apartment to him?” That was the question that kept roving in my mind when I finally made it to my two bedroom apartment after a hard day’s job. My wife and kids had gone for our church’s vigil, so I had returned to a empty house faced with a dilemma I never envisaged.

The source of my renewed predicament was Okiemute – the only bachelor in my compound. Moments before I gained entrance into my flat, I found him delivering a white powdery substance to a man I recognised as Orisha Adio. I shuddered.

From experience, I knew the white powdery substance had to be crack. Seeing Okiemute, a highly respected praise singer in my local church passing crack to the most notorious outlaw in my hood gave me the jitters. My thoughts ran to my wife and kids. “Are they still safe in this environment?”, I uttered under my breath.

That night, Okiemute who never really fancied me hailed me like I was some demi-god. I’m sure his conscience pricked him, and he knew what he thought he did in the dark had been brought to light.

Anyways, the delivery guy didn’t bother by my presence as much of the receiver of the goods for crack heads. Orisha Adio as he is popularly called by his fans and followers, is a dreaded cultist who just returned from Panti. He is a terrifying figure who is feared by all who knew the meaning of the word.

I remember the first day I saw him in my compound, In fact, that day he was having a chit chat with my 10 year old daughter. I was in fright, my heart literally sunk into my stomach as I dashed out to rescue my innocent daughter from the clutches of evil.

“What the heck was he doing in our compound and why should he be conversing with my daughter?” I greeted him casually as I took my daughter’s hand and led her away.

I saw him once after that encounter patrolling our compound. It was some minutes past 10, I had just returned from work. I couldn’t even ask him what business he had with our compound, he was looking too menacing for me to utter a single word. Still, I put a call through to the landlord to alert him of Orisha Adio’s presence.

There was a day our landlord had raised an alarm after he discovered a handgun in a hidden part of the store house in my compound where no tenant ventured. On that fateful day, my landlord was so nervous that he was sweating like a pig.

At some point he threatened to report the discovery to the Police, till a tenant told him to keep his cool. The same tenant I saw selling crack to Orisha Adio.

Okiemute advised the landlord to dispose the gun instead of reporting the matter to the Police who may arrest him for illegal possession of arms. The Landlord had given him the handgun to help him dispose it as he was too scared to handle it. Okiemute had gleefully collected it.

Before witnessing Okiemute sell crack to Orisha Adio in the dark, I had seen him conceal in his prado jeep the same handgun the landlord had told him to dispose, several weeks after the gun was discovered. Now he was selling crack to Adio!

Should I not be worried? I mean, I have a wife and 2 young girls who mean the whole world to me, I can’t afford to put their lives at risk.

Okiemute’s illegal dealings with Orisha Adio is a threat to the security of not only my family but also other innocent families living in my compound.

He has jokingly warned me not to tell anyone about what I witnessed. Though he was smiling when he told me, but it was a wicked smile. Could he have threatened me in a mild way? With the involvement of a die-hard criminal like Adio, would it be wise to report the matter to my landlord, since it’s his property?

Would reporting this matter to my landlord mean throwing out the baby with the bath water? Wouldn’t that be suicidal?

Who knows if it was Okiemute who hid the handgun the landlord found in a part of the compound no tenant ventures.  Is it not best I told my landlord about Okiemute’s dealings with Orisha Adio?

Please I need your advice, if for nothing else but the safety of my wife and daughters.

Any word of advice for Mr. Otedele? Use the comments box below…

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