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IYA RAINBOW reveals how she got involved in Real Estate business

The Veteran actress and wife of the late Nigerian playwright, Hubert Ogunde, Idowu Philips, popularly known as ‘ Iya Rainbow ’, in a recent interview with Punch has revealed how she got involved in Real Estate business.

Excerpts from the interview below:

“Q- Not many people know that you are into real estate. How did you get involved in the business?

‘Iya Rainbow’ – It belongs to the late Alade Aromire. When I was facing problems in my life, I met Aromire and he introduced me to the business. There was a December that I was so broke. I leaned on a car and got lost in thought and started crying. When Aromire came to where I was, he asked why I was crying and I explained to him. He asked if I could help him advertise honey and I agreed. He took me to his office and I advertised the product for him. When I was leaving, he gave me N25,000 which was a lot of money to me then.

The Christmas was very memorable. Two weeks after, he called me and asked if I could advertise plots of land and I agreed. Some people said I was a fool to agree without inviting lawyers to draft an agreement but the condition he met me was not one that I could be bargaining for anything. I helped him and he gave me N70,000 on the spot and promised to put the remaining money in the bank. That money was like N70m to me because things were very hard for me at that time. That is how we started. It was when he was planning for us to go to London to advertise his property that he died. My passport was with him till he died. On the day he died, he wanted to give me some money. He said that I should wait for him in the office that he wanted to get to his estate. I waited for a long while and when he did not return, I went home. Nobody told me he had died, they were scared to tell me until I learnt about it.

To say that I was devastated is an understatement. That was when he just bought a SUV for me and Mama Efunsetan. That is why I promised that I would not leave his business. One company had approached me with an offer of N10m but I declined. They went as far as saying they would give me a Range Rover SUV but I told them that I could not betray Aromire. If he were alive, I am sure that I would be better off.”


Real Estate is definitely a profitable investment, doesn’t matter what area of Real estate you key into, you are sure to smile to the bank.


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