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Landlord/Tenant Matters

PROPERTY EVICTION: The Rights of a Landlord

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It is generally believed that landlords are belligerent, troublesome people who lord their properties over tenants and try to make life uncomfortable for them but this is not always true. Just as tenants have been at the mercy of landlords, landlords have also been treated with contempt and maligned by tenants. Frustrated with tenants who refuse to pay rent, damage ...

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How long should you live in a house as a tenant?

Shelter being one of the most essential needs for living concerns every being. Therefore, its either you are a tenant or a landlord. As usual on Nigeria Real Estate hub, we try to discuss issues as it concerns us all and create the platform to share your opinions. The topic for today goes thus; ‘How long should you live in a rented ...

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Lagos State Tenancy Law at a glance

The promulgation of the Lagos tenancy law of 2011 came as respite for tenants who had been suffering in the hands of shylock landlords who had become excessive and brutal in their demands. The Law was set up to regulate rights and obligations under tenancy agreements and the relationship between the landlord and the tenant including the procedure for the ...

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HELP! My landlady has literally taken over my mini flat

If finding an apartment in Lagos is big deal, renting is a much bigger deal but I wasn’t told that staying in a rented apartment is the toughest choice a bachelor can make. It took me almost forever getting the apartment I stay in presently just because I needed somewhere comfortable and at an affordable price. When I paid for ...

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CBN to go after landlords collecting payment in dollars

In what has become a new trend in the nation since the devaluation of Naira, landlords and schools in various parts of the country have been demanding payment in dollars. And now, The Central Bank of Nigeria has frowned at the growing practice of trading goods and services in foreign currencies instead of the Naira in Nigeria. The Bank’s governor, ...

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Landlady’s thugs stab carpenter to death

A 27-year-old man, Michael Abodurin, has been stabbed to death by hoodlums called by his landlady, Mrs. Idowu Adenekan, in the Oworonsoki area of Lagos. According to PUNCH, the problem started after the deceased’s friend could not pay back the N200 he borrowed from the landlady last year. It was gathered that after it dawned on Adenekan that the debtor ...

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Lagos Produces New Landlords Through HOMS Scheme

Everywhere in Lagos, a striking picture of insufficient housing stares all in the face. From the stilts erected on the Lagos la­goon to the overcrowded houses in Idu­mota, Mushin, Agege and other densely populated areas of the metropolis, a huge gap exists in housing needs. No doubt, owning a home is probably the most important achievement for any individual in ...

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Landlady Assaulted by Tenant


Usually, landlords are the ones who hold power over tenants, after all a quit notice can be issued when they feel like it, want to increase the rent or just want you out of their house. Tenants are usually at the mercy of house owners since the flock of people looking to take your place are many and never-ending because ...

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Tenant dies over leaking pipe

Issues between landlords and tenants are not uncommon. That is why the Citizens’ Mediation Centre, an arm of Lagos State Ministry of Justice handles landlords/tenants matters through mediation. Here, landlords and tenants can resolve their issues amicably. However, that is not the case with Mr Adebayo Akinrinlade, the landlord of the house at No. 40, Church Street, Aboru, Iyana-Ipaja who ...

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Lagos Tenancy Law: How Much Do You Know?

Lagos Introduces E-Planning Permit

Begin this article HERE …into a house, the owner agrees to release the house and charges one hundred thousand every month, and you take it, you have accepted. For instance, you are going to Maryland and a vehicle passes calling for Yaba, you get in and indicate your exit at Maryland. What you have just done is agree with the ...

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