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How long should you live in a house as a tenant?

Shelter being one of the most essential needs for living concerns every being. Therefore, its either you are a tenant or a landlord. As usual on Nigeria Real Estate hub, we try to discuss issues as it concerns us all and create the platform to share your opinions.

The topic for today goes thus; ‘How long should you live in a rented house before transition, either to another rented place or better still, “sacking your Landlord” all together? Below are some of the responses we got:


Banke Akinwale – “3 years or more. Depending on your income to build or buy yours”

Ifeoma – “As long as you are comfortable with your present space and not having Landlord issues, I don’t think there is any need to move unless you are going to your own house, like you said – sacking your landlord…LOL”

Jide Owoniyi – “well, it depends, I am a bachelor and when I am ready to get married, I am sure I wont want to start my family in the same house which I lived through my bachelorhood. If the money is there, I would rather have my own house or move. I must move sha”

Wunmi – “I like this matter sha, because it concerns me personally. I practically grew up where I live now, I am 22 years of age and from what I remember, I have always lived all my life in that particular house. Its really annoying because its not my parents’ house. I crave for a change of environment but my parents don’t see the need to. I can’t wait to get married so I can move.”

Lekan – “if I am comfortable, I won’t move until I need more space or for genuine reasons. “No need to dey move up and down na”


There you have it, what do you think? please do share your opinion with us by using the comment box. Do not also forget to join #shelterMatters today at 3pm to discuss this extensively.


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  1. In the developed country, i don’t think the populace see shelter as a want bcos generally it’s a basic need that is equally provided (not saying few are not homeless anyway). the need to change ur present place is a COST except if there is no alt (security or u av ur own personal house).

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