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Looted Funds: Where To Invest – Infrastructure or Housing?

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It is no longer news that the Buhari led government has taken the fight against corruption in the country as top on its priority list and from news making the rounds, it’s safe to say they are making progress by recovering some of our looted funds and properties. To some, recovering looted funds should not be the ultimate goal. The ultimate ...

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Lassa Fever: Can We Totally Get Rid Of Rats?

Lassa Fever: Can We Totally Get Rid Of Rat?

You might not know it but more than 41 Nigerians are reported to have been dead following the outbreak of Lassa fever. The death toll has exceeded the figure recorded during the outbreak of the Ebola Virus in the country two years ago. Lassa fever is an acute viral haemorrhagic illness caused by Lassa virus, a member of the arenavirus ...

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Agents’ fee menace in Lagos state

Still on the Lagos state tenancy law which was introduced 2011, last week we shared ours and your opinion on the segment of the law which states that it will be unlawful for a landlord or his agent to demand or receive rent in excess of 1 year in respect of any premises with the provision for a contravention of ...

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How long should you live in a house as a tenant?

Shelter being one of the most essential needs for living concerns every being. Therefore, its either you are a tenant or a landlord. As usual on Nigeria Real Estate hub, we try to discuss issues as it concerns us all and create the platform to share your opinions. The topic for today goes thus; ‘How long should you live in a rented ...

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Nigeria Real Estate Hub unveils #ShelterMatters


The leading hub for real estate News and information in Nigeria will be unveiling #ShelterMatters on Friday, 10th of April 2015. Shedding more light to this initiative, the Head of Media, Olumide Lawrence, explained that this step is to reach out to every Nigerian out there already on  different social media platforms. “The Real Estate sector is one which an ...

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“My Landlord is ‘Un-empathetic’

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In this part of the world, gists, hearsays or gossips about landlord/landlady and their tenants would crack your ribs and should never be missed. Tenants feel they own the house rented for the particular period of time as agreed by both parties and some landlords/landladies would always want to assume the role of their tenants’ guardian. The disagreement that ensues ...

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