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Nigeria Real Estate Hub unveils #ShelterMatters

The leading hub for real estate News and information in Nigeria will be unveiling #ShelterMatters on Friday, 10th of April 2015. Shedding more light to this initiative, the Head of Media, Olumide Lawrence, explained that this step is to reach out to every Nigerian out there already onĀ  different social media platforms.

“The Real Estate sector is one which an average person isn’t readily interested in, but which is a sector we cannot live without. Shelter is important to every man, it is a huge factor of production. Whether you are building, buying, leasing or renting, you are involved in Shelter Matters”, He posited .

With major aim at enlightening the general public on policies on housing and shelter issues, it would also be a platform for every Nigerian to share their likes, dislikes, views and proffer solution to the housing matters at their various locations. Ranging from Landlord and tenancy matters, high rent payment, Land tout issues, C of O and many more.

This forum called ‘shelter matters’ will be on social media platforms with the hashtag #ShelterMatters.

on twitter, it will be hosted majorly by @Sackurlandlord

on facebook, it will be on Realty Point Ltd facebook page

on Linkedin, it will be on Realty Point Ltd’s profile.

Olumide implores the general public to join this forum every Friday at 3pm, commencing from the 10th of April 2015. “You want to be heard? You are tired of being oppressed in your place of residence? then join the social media train every Friday at 3pm.” He advised.

With the just concluded presidential election, the credibility of the masses voice on social media cannot be doubted. Speak out and be heard on #ShelterMatters

Shelter Matters

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