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Power or water, which is more essential in a home?

#ShelterMatters: Power or Water, which is more essential in a home?

When our media director called my attention to treating this topic today for shelter Matters discussion, I must admit I wished Nigeria had gone past this phase of underdevelopment.

Alas, we are still here. It might kill to admit but there are communities in the fastest growing economy in Africa that have not seen power supply for years. Few days ago, I watched a documentary on Channelstv of a village in the Niger Delta region of the country. The said village had not known power supply for more than 24months. They solely depend on generating sets for power.

Some citizens of this country (Nigeria) might find it hard to believe especially when they reside in the seemingly developed part of the country – Lagos, Abuja, Port Harcourt, etc. withstanding epileptic power supply. Professionals in the power sector have not failed to sound it into our minds that with the arrival of stable power supply also comes huge increase in power bills. Nigerians can only remain mute to see the steady power supply we’ve dreamed of for years before deciding on which way forward.

As for water, communities and individuals provide clean water for themselves or face the music.

When renting a house, there are very essential things we look out for before payments are made. In this case, being essential depends on the individual. Today on Shelter matters, we want to know which you consider very essential and which you think you can manage on your own. Power or Water?

Personally, I can’t get myself to choosing between both. Water is as important as power is to me.

In a discussion between I and some individuals on this matter, Lawrence, who is a bachelor, says he can rent a house that doesn’t have water but cannot stand not having power. In his opinion, sourcing for water outside his residence is not a big deal for him.

Newlywed Oyinkansola, said she cannot stand being in a house without water. She explained that as a woman, she needs water to carry out her chores and a home without enough water is a dirty home.

This might vary in cognizance with your gender and personal needs, however, we love to know your thoughts and preferences at least before Nigeria gets to see the awaited Change..

Power or water, which is more essential in a home?


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