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#ShelterMatters: Who would you blame for building a house like this?

The need for proper housing cannot be overemphasized. The focus today is the word ‘proper

Many find themselves living in pathetic buildings and in environments that are hazardous to health just because they need a roof over their heads.

Sometimes I wonder if the owners of such buildings are to blame for putting out such structures for rent or the human beings who actually pay to live in such houses.

I remember when I had to join my Aunt while she was in search of an apartment; we got to some houses which sent rude shocks down our spines. The dilapidated structures called ‘houses’ that met our eye left us in utter disbelief. You’d initially curse out at the landlords of such houses, and then you would want to ask if people actually rent such houses, and finally you vent your spleen on the so called agent who thought it proper to take you to such building and environment for inspection.

What would be your reaction if you are to rent a house whereby the only way into your house is by the means of a wooden carved ladder? You think I am exaggerating? View the picture below and tell us who is to blame for this absurdity. Who would you blame for this housing dysfunction?

See what can be


  1. All of the above. They should be remanded in psychiatric home.

  2. Insane indeed. All of them

  3. Lmfaooooooo

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