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Top 5 most beautiful campuses in Nigeria

Top 10 Most Beautiful Campuses in Nigeria

Compiling a list of the top 10 most beautiful campuses in Nigeria was never going to be an easy task considering the vast array of universities in the country, albeit we came up with a list anyways. Whether you agree with me on this or not will now be a question of how many people are on my side on this.

That notwithstanding, that a University looks ancient in terms of the building inherent shouldn’t disqualify it from making this list, what should matter is if the architectural designs and structure of the buildings have remained intact over the years.

So, yes! you will see a quite a number of first generation universities on this list not because they necessarily have the finest buildings but because their architectural designs, landscapes and structures cannot be compared to what is obtainable in our new generation universities especially the private institutions.

There are over 90 universities in Nigeria consisting of Federal, State and Private institutions; You may want to call it a fair number considering the population of the country.

As a result of the oil boom years of the 1970s, tertiary level of education was expanded to reach every sub-region of Nigeria. The federal government and the state governments were previously the only bodies licensed to operate universities. Recently, licenses have been granted to individuals, corporate bodies and religious bodies to establish private universities in the country. At least there is one university in every state of the federation.

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Considering the huge number of universities in Nigeria especially those with beautiful campuses, it will be okay for anyone to disagree with my ‘Top 10 most beautiful campuses in Nigeria’ but like they say; beauty is in the eyes of the beholder.

Amidst the very beautiful campuses scattered across the length and breadth of the country, here are the top 10 most beautiful campuses around. Wait till you get to the list before you raise your objections;


University-of-ibadan 1

U.I is Nigeria’s premier university  and virtually the oldest University in Nigeria. It originated from Yaba College founded in 1932 in Yaba, Lagos as the first tertiary educational institute in Nigeria. Yaba College was transferred to Ibadan, becoming the University College of Ibadan, in 1948. The university was founded on its own site on 17 November 1948.  Though characterized by obsolete structures, the University campus is still a site to behold and has never stopped being one of the most beautiful and breathtaking campuses in Nigeria.

In as much that U.I might not have deserved topmost position on our list, it would be a sin not to have it on our top 10 list of most beautiful campuses in Nigeria.

UI 2

I’ve known this clock tower since like forever

UI 3

Faculty of Law, U.I


beautiful campuses in Nigeria

But for its breathtaking landscape and beautiful environment, Gombe State University would not have made my list of 10 most beautiful campuses in Nigeria. So, let’s give it to this University in one of the most silent states in North-east Nigeria for placing 9th on this list; rubbing shoulders with the big guns.

beautiful campuses in Nigeria

Gombe State University is a member of the Association of Commonwealth Universities and was established in the year 2004 and is one of the few new generation universities on our list.


most beautiful campuses in Nigeria

FUNAAB is the pearl of Ogun state and gives that part of South-West region of Nigeria a bit of repute. Asides being number 8 on this list, FUNAAB is the most beautiful Federal University of Agriculture in the country.

most beautiful campuses in Nigeria

The University was established on 1 January 1988 by the Federal Government when four universities of technology, earlier merged in 1984, were de-merged. This led to the creation of the first two universities of agriculture in Abeokuta and Makurdi.


most beautiful campuses in Nigeria

Landmark University (LMU) is located in Omu-Aran, Kwara State in Nigeria. It is a Private Christian University and was founded by Dr. David Oyedepo.

most beautiful campuses in Nigeria

Landmark University was established by Living Faith Church Worldwide on March 21, 2011 as the second university owned by the church. The purpose of the establishment as stated by the chancellor is towards the realization of the Agrarian revolution. According to the Chancellor, Dr. David Oyedepo, the name “Landmark” was gotten based on inspiration on how the school is to operate. This is also evident in the motto of the school, which is “Breaking new grounds”.


most beautiful campuses in Nigeria

The University of Port Harcourt is a university in the Nigerian city of Port Harcourt in Rivers state. It is in fact the only South-south University on this list. University of Port Harcourt was established in 1975 as University College, Port Harcourt, and was given university status in 1977. If you don’t want to leave the south-south region of the country and yet want to attend a reputable university, then UNIPORT should be your destination.

most beautiful campuses in Nigeria

Senate Building




This university probably houses the most beautiful girls you can find in a Nigerian University. Some people call it ‘Federal University of swag’ others call it ‘University toh badt’, I call it the raw deal. University of Lagos is the most sought after higher institution in Nigeria not because of the beauties inherent there or the somewhat breathtaking structures but because it is situated in  the centre of excellence – LASGIDI–the city where dreams come true.

Unilag has the best of everything you can imagine!

unilag 1

Senate House, Unilag – one of Unilag’s finest architectural piece

University of Lagos (UNILAG), an institution once rumoured to be renamed after the acclaimed winner of the June 12, 1993 presidential election annulled by the then Military Government of Nigeria, Moshood Abiola University, Lagos (MAULAG), (the controversial name Ex-President Jonathan was going to rename UNILAG before he rescinded his decision after facing widespread criticism) is situated in Akoka, jewel of Yaba which is considered the 10th hottest location in Lagos. Unilag’s senate house is one of the best architectural pieces you can find in any Nigerian University, making it one of the best university in Nigeria.

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ABU, is the pearl of the north and the best university in that part of the country. ABU – the oldest University in Northern Nigeria is named after the Sardauna of Sokoto, Alhaji Sir Ahmadu Bello, the first premier of Northern Nigeria who was killed in 1966 in an Igbo-led coup consequent of his slanderous actions and inactions against the Ibos. The University has one of the finest collections of north’s bests.


If you want to see pretty hijab wearing Hausa and Fulani ladies then ABU is your destination.

The university has a large medical program with its own A.B.U. Teaching Hospital, one of the largest hospitals in Nigeria. Also, I’ll bet ABU is the biggest University in Nigeria.

Ahmadu Bello University Teaching Hospital

Ahmadu Bello University Teaching Hospital

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Okay, I didn’t give this famous institution the number one spot only because the people who know me so well will cry blue murder!

UNIBEN has always been an all-rounder and its magnificent structure is just one of its many astounding attributes. In fact Uniben most probably has the best gate house in Nigeria amongst our tertiary institutions.

Uniben Auditorium is the cynosure of all eyes

Uniben Auditorium is the cynosure of all eyes

The University buildings from the entrance to the campus and hostel are a class act and one of the finest ever.  In 1985, Grace Alele-Williams made history as the first Nigerian woman to become the head (vice-chancellor) of a Nigerian university. She was the Vice-Chancellor of the University of Benin till 1991.

Uniben 3

Arguably the best gate house in a Nigerian university

University of Benin Teaching Hospital

University of Benin Teaching Hospital

Uniben only bane is cultism.


most beautiful campuses in Nigeria

Halls of residences in Covenant University

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Covenant University is arguably the best private university with the most beautiful campus in Nigeria. This is the third privately owned university on our list and the second university owned  Pastor David Oyedepo led Living Faith Church Worldwide to make this list. Located in Ota, Ogun state, the university beats FUNAAB hands down as the most beautiful higher institution in Ogun state.

most beautiful campuses in Nigeria

The University was established in 2002 as a Private Christian University and a member of the Association of Commonwealth Universities. In January 2015, it was ranked as the best university in Nigeria according to Webometrics.



Formerly called University of Ife, OAU is the best University in Nigeria, in terms of awe-gaping and historic structures. There are so many amazing structures in Ife that you would wonder if it is a University for just civil Engineers, Architects and Estate surveyors.

ife 3

‘Oba awon Universities’ like the students of the institution prefer to call it, is no doubt the most beautiful Nigerian university ever. Now I’m saying that categorically because if you’ve had any prior objections on the previous ones on my list I believe there can never be any objections on this one except you have a personal vendetta for Ife.

Department of Architecture OAU, is an architectural masterpiece on its own

Department of Architecture OAU, is an architectural masterpiece on its own

Oba awon University is definitely the King of all Nigerian universities and also stands tall in Africa. OAU rivals are not even in the country so why should anyone raise an eyebrow that it came tops on our list.

The University was named after a Nigerian legend and a person who many believe is the best Nigerian President there never was, Chief Obafemi Awolowo, on 12 May 1987 . The man who has his image crested on the 100 naira note was the first premier of the western region.

Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile-Ife, Osun state, the brain child of the late Chief Obafemi Awolowo is situated in a place that is widely believed to be the origin of the Yoruba people; the dwelling place of Oduduwa.



Oba awon University is probably the best thing to ever happen to Osun state.

So that’s my list of the top 10 finest Nigerian Universities ever (top 10 most beautiful campuses in Nigeria)

I expect a standing ovation for OBA AWON UNIVERSITY!!!

Oya, who’s in the hood that thinks otherwise?

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  4. I don’t think I know about UNIPORT

  5. Where is the place of UniCal here , with the main gate rated higher than Uniben,

  6. I really appreciate this list, you have no idea how this has helped to shape my choice of university. I swear OAU has the best structure ever and very good educational standards. Your list is perfect sir, no single mistake, from top to bottom. It will be an honor if you could visit my site to check out something I recently shared. This link will get you there, thank you.

  7. Am surprise that Unical was not included here. The main gate is rated better than Uniben. What of the planned and serene nature of the school. Surprise to see Uniport as one of the top schools, and the only one in south south. So funny.

  8. That’s a great job!! Kudos! The ranking is really fair….it’s such interesting to read this!

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  10. All hail GREAT IFE! Oba Awon University. All other universities call themselves ‘great’ but in OAU we were called GREAT by others. That’s how the phrase “GREAT IFE” came about. There’s no better endorsement than that!

  11. i agree with the covenant university own tho. like lawd, i was blown away by what i saw. covenant has fine girls sha and that environment is breathtaking. i rarely appreciate private schools but that school is something else.

  12. Good attempt, Mr Lekan Olofinji. I’m sure all you wanted to achieve was to generate a conversation on this clearly baseless rating of Nigerian Universities’ physical beauty.

    It is however my sincere hope that most of the commentators on your post were food hawkers and campus cleaners – not students (whether present or former). Unbelievable written English in the university system!

  13. Abubakar Abdulaziz

    Guy go to bayero university kano,especially new site and shine your eyes.

  14. My candid opinion is that the writer did not visit all the universities before reaching his conclusion. He appears a bit tribal in the way he pours encomiums on some universities from a particular geopolitical zone. I also found objectionable to tag the 1966 coup an Igbo coup. He should be careful.

    • Its just his opinion Samuel. We are too sentimental in this part of the world. Lets learn to take things the way they are and not read any meaning into it. saves us lot of headache

      • “Considering the huge number of universities in Nigeria especially those with beautiful campuses, it will be okay for anyone to disagree with my ‘Top 10 most beautiful campuses in Nigeria’ but like they say; beauty is in the eyes of the beholder.”

        Thank you for this comment Magdalene Fatogun; my thought exactly. I mean it’s just a supposed list of 10 beautiful campuses in Nigeria and they all want the writer’s head on a plate already. Why on earth would anyone want to associate a piece that was written harmlessly with the writer’s ethnic inclination?

  15. May be the writer has never being to Bayero University Kano. No university like Buk in terms of structures, better visit more universities before reaching conclutions.

  16. na lie what of unical

  17. your acticle on the most beautiful campuses is a good piece but what are the investment opportunity,(students accommodation) in all these campuses.

  18. The Most Beautiful University In This Continent Is The Only University In Nigeria,only Authorized University In Nigeria,only Authentic University In Nigeria,only Authomatic University In Nigeria,oba Awon University,obafemi Awolowo University, O A U I Hail Ooooooo

  19. OAU might be the best in terms of gigantic structures, but what is the essence of beauty in a school living in past glories with substandard academic levels. Some people just commit (un)intellectual fallacies. The fact that a school bears the name of a great person doesn’t make it great. Any school can be named after Awo. Have you been to OAU hostels; you will fear God. I don’t see anybody that is not an OAU student that likes OAU. If it was not an OAU student that posted this you know what to expect. You are ‘Great’ but we have “GREATEST” A first generation varsity that has a private ranked better than it on every international & local ranking you come accross shd not talk at all. Above all I can’t spend the whole of my youthful years on senseless strikes- 4 yr course turns to 6 & a half or even 7. You start seeing white hairs on undergraduate. A school with lax discipline- I can go on and on. Just let me stop.

  20. kamaludeen(enjoyment)

    uniabuja is the most biggest and populated univ in naija it is just bcos u hav neva been ther oboy come see richest with richness and beatiful pretty ladies and guys just forget its all about money

    • Iranu…
      Vomiting rubbish from your gutter, as if ur own brain is beautiful, for misinterpreting the writer’s intention.
      Check Nigerian leaders making strides, and see if you won’t see OAU products. These same people while undergraduates stayed in OAU hostels u call shit…
      U better wise up…

  21. Abu is one of d best as wiriter said but suppose to be in numb.3

  22. Gratest abusite! Overconscious gbigbi! ABU Zaria, is d most largest and one of the top 10 beautiful university in d country.

  23. I guess d writer never been to UNIMAID.In the north its only surpass by Gombe state university.Abu is not beautiful but large

  24. I guess the writer never been to UNIMAID.ABU is not beautiful at all.is just by name.Come and see!

  25. Of the greatest ife…. U guyz can say wateva u wonto say bt i assure u… Even if u strugle for 20 years no uNi will ever beat OAU… #IrepOAU

  26. Maybe there was a change after I left UI many years ago. But during my time that building was not the Law Faculty but Trenchard Hal, which is the events hall hall. I think that situation still remains.

  27. Greatest Ife. Always representing. Another Great Ife is a counterfeit.

  28. There are only two university in Nigeria………OAU and others

  29. Without having any iota of doubt…… there are only two university in Nigeria, OAU and others. I rep GREATIFE Student.

  30. Great IFE has no rival.

  31. ….Hey damn it bro
    ….Nigga you sayyyyy whaaaaaaaa!!!!!
    Nnamdi Azikiwe University,Awka {Unizik} gat one of yhe best and outstanding hostel in Nigerian universities….
    i have being to Uniben and other schools and they aldo confirmed it that Unizik actually is best…And i heard you ranked Unilag or so as the most sought after school in Nigeria……
    hey niggie you are outdated oooo cos every year; Unilorin and Unizik use to gat high number of aspirants or you go and google it since 2012 till date cos am fucking sure of it
    So bro damn dah ya fucking hatred for the South Easterners and give your damn credit to whom it due to…
    #Unizik {School Of The Moment}

    • You are on point bro. The writer is still living in the past. What parameter did he use in picking those schools? Oh I see! SENTIMENT!!

    • Well I will say the author has never been to UI. If he or she has, you won’t call that trenchard hall the faculty of law (very funny) truly beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder. I rest my case.

  32. It’s so evident the list was compiled by an OAU alumni

  33. great uniben, great, we got the best

  34. You are a retard by saying Igbo-led coup of 1966

  35. Great! Great!! Great!!! Ife. Great academically, in structure and what have. Great Ife.

  36. Great Ife,Great Ife,Africa’s most beautiful campus.Conscious,vigilant,progressive, Aluta against all oppressors. Forward ever,backward never for learning and culture,sports and struggle;Great Ife,I love you.There is only one Great Ife in the universe,another Great Ife is a counterfeit. Great, great,great,great,great.I’m always proud of my alma mata.

  37. Bros, you must be subjective. South-East and Igboland was not represented. Not even University of Nigeria, Nsukka (UNN) that I know have better structures than many ones you ranked TOP 10. Its very unfair, the hatred of Ndigbo is becoming too unbearable

  38. there is no doubt about it, d father will always b father, no matter how d son/daughters z rich, his/her father will stll b his/her father. There is a says that “where ever w call head can’t b use 2 march ground”
    OAU (OBA AWON UNIVERSITY) indeed am proud 2 b an Alumnus of dz citadel of learning called university community.
    OAU Anthem:
    Great Ife 2x
    Africa most beautiful campus
    We are conscious, vigilant, progressive
    ALUTA against all oppression
    Forward ever backward never
    For learning and culture, sport and struggle
    There is only one great ife, in the universe
    Another great ife is a counterfeit

  39. uniport all d way…. Nna uniport building fine wela wela…. I jst d wonda wetin uniben carry way go mk dem come put am 4 here. If na me write dis tin, uniport will b number two for dat list….. I rep uniport…. D most beautiful nd largest skul i av ever seen wit population…. I twaale 4 uniport!!!

  40. Of the greatest ife! indeed it’s africa’s most beautiful campus. proud to be an alumnus of OBA AWON UNIVERSITY (OAU) . Great in every respect!

  41. Of the greatest ife!!! Indeed it’s africa’s most beautiful campus. proud to b an alumnus of OBA AWON UNIVERSITY(OAU). Great in every respect.

  42. am a proud bukite(bayero university kano)

  43. ibbul is the most genuine building in Nigeria, so beautiful

  44. Is Ndu wilberforce island that av d finest building

  45. kai Dan iska have you been to the uni of the conqueror the uthman danfodiyo uni sokoto? its a continent in its own ….

  46. All of you are really missing, just Google FUNAAB(Federal University Of Agriculture Abeocuta,Ogun) structures.Thats all.

  47. Hey man! u dn visit Uniport nd Rsust… Blyk say ur survey no even reach south-south properly sef..
    . Narrow survey nd u dey generalize…….

  48. I respect OAU even though am an ABUSITE…when u are talking of the North, it’s ABU for sure nd in the south it’s OUA no doubt in all ramifications…Proudly an Abusite

  49. Am proudly an ABUSITE…well, though am an ABUSITE, but the only Nigerian university i respect in all ramifications is IFE (OAU)..thats d only uni in south that u will find people from any part of naija, just like in ABU Zaria…proudly an ABUSITE

  50. Lol, see you. I fink BH has bombed Unimaid

  51. Where is federal University of agriculture abeokuta?

  52. UNILAG on this list? Abeg stop fooling people. Was it not in UNILAG we heard of a story tgat a First Class student died last year as a result of an unrepaired electric cables? Abi na so or am being mislead?

  53. Not right, I left UI to OAU just for some days, and gossshh! it was hell… poor hostels, poor planning, poor administration…I felt like disappearing, no light, no water nothing! proximity to source of relaxation and food is zero… I began to wonder why people always placed OAU in positions they don’t even deserve…

  54. Gud job, oau d finest n 4ever remain d most beautiful campus in our continent

  55. proud to be a great Ife
    only and the last in Nigeria
    one of the best in africa.

  56. have u been to federal university of technology minna?? landscape, structures, good and modern road network.
    have u been to covenant university?? if they tigh ur face come drop u for there u go think say na havard u dey.
    no just d post rubish spend time nd money go round all d versities u wil discover dat alots of skuls re finer dan ur list.

  57. Although succinctly speaking ife is Gr8 in structure bt al the same moi sch anyway no FIL carry last…. Bona-fide Eksuite

  58. GREAT IFE, OBA AWON UNIVERSITY, I didn’t check 2-5 at all, all i needed 2 check was no 1, it means d others maybe correct too

  59. Out of all these universities, non can match Eksu. Great shout out to all EKSUITE

  60. Its really funny sha UNILAG 4th and UNIBEN 2nd this is a joke. I guess the blogger graduated from UNIBEN, honestly they don’t deserve to be in the list.

  61. Abeg 4get ,,Na Unilorin b d finest ,,,I BETTER BY FAR!!! PROBITAS DOCTRINA

  62. D list is not complete without UniMaid: where brains are made.

    • Nobody is asking about the university where brains are made, because quite frankly only God makes brains but every university modifies and develop them. So there’s no particular university where brains are made

  63. Greatest Uniben! Best Of All. ALUTA RADICAL,ALUTA FORCE,ALUTA BOMB.

  64. A beautiful campus apart from structures should have a beautiful landscape & a serene environment. Although comparatively tiny, Gombe State University fits this description.

  65. This writer is a joke…pls ignore this post..UNN,UNIBEN,shud nt be among d top 10 at all.

  66. University of Maiduguri is a great masterpiece of you actually went round to all the universities in Nigeria. A beautiful site to behold hidden in the Sahara and undisturbed by the happenings around it.

  67. why mainly federal universities? are u trying to convince us dat d best building structures so far are found in jst these universities

  68. proud of ma sch.. OBA AWON UNIVERSITY (OAU)

  69. Prince Lamuye Adedeji

    Am proud of my dearest finest school Oba Awon University

  70. uniben? 2nd?. dts the biggest lie i have heard or seen since 2015. this is the 1st time in d history of uni education in nigeria dt am seein that uniben comes 1st. wel we al r entitled to our opinion nd am sure this is d bloggers opinoin. bt whats in uniben?their gate alone. i come from benin,uniben is in my backyard and i know alot abt dt school. buildings are scattered,uniben is not planned. grasses every where. dept of phamacy building is not fine. inside uniben r smal smal houses dt…..infat libary extention field smels of urine. uniben is dirty… d only buildings i cn duff my cap for are twin theater,akindenkor hall and law. then that other hall close to law. unibens structures are not mind blowing at all.
    all hail oba awon uni ile ife.

  71. Why is my school, FUTO not there?

  72. Don’t argue with it. OAU remains the best in terms of structures.

  73. I agree that these campuses are beautiful, but I am not sure that the writer has been to CU and other private universities

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