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Everything You Should Know: Obudu Cattle Ranch

Everything You Should Know: Obudu Cattle Ranch

Obudu Cattle Ranch, now known as Obudu Mountain Resort, is one of Nigeria’s most amazing and frequented tourist centers.

Located in the Northeastern part of Cross Rivers State, the resort has grown to become a major destination for tourists, both foreign and local.

It has an amazing landscape and calming ambience, with clouds smiling down on its peaks and valleys, offering visitors a wonderful blend of warm and cold temperature.

In this article, I will be highlighting everything you need to know about the Obudu Cattle Ranch, and how you can plan a perfect visit.

Firstly, let us begin with history of the beautiful holiday spot.


History of Obudu Cattle Ranch

The history of this resort located in Obudu Plateau can be traced back to when Mr Caughley, a Scottish Rancher, first explored the mountain ranges in 1949, as he camped on the mountaintop for a month before returning with Mr Hugh Jones, a fellow rancher, in 1951. Thus, it was developed in 1951 by two ranchers; Mr Hugh Jones and Dr Crawfield.

When is the Best Time To Visit Obudu Cattle Ranch?

Although Obudu Mountain Resort is open to visitors throughout the year, the period between October and February is usually the best time to visit, as it is the time when the sky is very bright and the air is perfect.

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The weather during this period is also favourable, as the festive period falls within the dry season in Cross Rivers, where Obudu Cattle Ranch is located.

How To Get To Obudu Cattle Ranch

Everything You Should Know: Obudu Cattle Ranch

There’s a direct flight from Lagos and Abuja to Calabar, from where you can get a Bus to the Resort. When you arrive Calabar, take a bus that is going straight to Obudu, in order to save you some time, as other buses may have several stops on the way. It costs about 2,000 Naira. The distance between Obudu and the ranch is about 1 hour.

There are taxis at Obudu that will transport you to the Ranch at a cost of 600 Naira. Driving from Calabar to the mountain resort could take up to 6 hours, which gives you ample time to enjoy the sight of the vegetation and the scenery on your way.

How much will a Visit To Obudu Cattle Ranch Cost?

Asides the cost of transporting yourself to the ranch, subsequent lodging and feeding costs, here is a possible overview of normal ranch expenses:

  • Having access to the ranch costs: 200 Naira.
  • Taking a walk on the canopy walkway, which is managed by the Nigerian Conservation Foundation (NCF) costs 300 Naira.

Things To Do At Obudu Cattle Ranch

1. Get on the Cable Car

Everything You Should Know: Obudu Cattle Ranch

Obudu Cattle Ranch is 1576 metres above sea level. To get there, you can either drive the famously winding 11km road from the bottom of the hill or take the cable car. The drive takes about 25 minutes while the cable car ride takes about 6 minutes. With the Resort’s swimming pools at the bottom of the hill, you might find yourself taking the cable car pretty often and you would be making an excellent choice because the ride is an exciting one. The Obudu cable car ride is the longest in African with arguably the best views so it is definitely a must-do.

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2. Play Outdoor Games

At the Obudu Mountain Resort, the fun never stops, as there are loads of fun outdoor activities to get involved in. You can let loose with activities like swimming, horse-riding, golfing and hiking. This resort has two large river-sized swimming pools, where you can enjoy time in the water and also relax in the outdoor pool bed. When hiking, it is recommended that you go with firm boots and be psychologically prepared for the climbing expedition. With its 9-hole golf course, you are allowed to play a game of golf. The lush vegetation around the golfing area is an amazing sight to behold.

3. Take a walk on the Canopy Walkway

Everything You Should Know: Obudu Cattle Ranch

Obudu may be a magical place but you definitely can’t walk on air there.  Still, you come close to that when you go on the Canopy Walkway which is 70m above the forest floor.  The Canopy Walkway is a 100m swinging bridge suspended above the forest.  Once across the bridge (and once your heart stops racing from excitement), you can climb a little look-out post from which you get awesome views of some of Nigeria’s beautiful yet rapidly declining forests.  You know that feeling when you’re on a rollercoaster and you’re screaming with excitement and fear yet when you get off, you want to get right back on?  That’s what you get with the Canopy Walkway.

4. Join the Obudu Mountain Race

Obudu has a race competition it holds every year, where it offers an attractive cash price. It is usually held in November. Against this backdrop, in the event that you visit Obudu in the month of November, make it a date at the Obudu Mountain Race.

5. Work Out at the Gym

Obudu Mountain Resort has a fitness center stocked with state of the art facilities cities to help you stay fit and in shape. This gym boasts of facilities such as Dumbbells, Sit-up bench, and Treadmills.

6. Go Sightseeing

Everything You Should Know: Obudu Cattle Ranch

For lovers of nature, go on a sightseeing adventure at the Obudu Mountain Resort. The Resort houses about 250 varying species of birds. You will have an astonishing time watching the birds with your binocular.

7. Visit Other Tourist Attractions Nearby

Everything You Should Know: Obudu Cattle Ranch

At Obudu, you can kill several birds with one stone – literally if you wanted to as the Resort’s forests are home to a large number of birds.  I was joking about killing birds though.  The forest and all of its creatures are jealously protected by the Cross River State Government.  But speaking of killing several birds with one stone, there are a few great sights fairly close to Obudu; for example, the Afi Forest Reserve and Agbokim Waterfalls are both within 3 hours drive of the Resort and are worthy of a visit.

What are the Room Rates at Obudu Cattle Ranch?

Should you need to stay at the resort past a day, which you most probably would have to, you can easily book a room here.

Bear in mind that these room rates are per night and might come with a complimentary breakfast, free WIFI, and access to some other standard facilities.

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Everything You Should Know: Obudu Cattle Ranch Everything You Should Know: Obudu Cattle Ranch  Everything You Should Know: Obudu Cattle Ranch    Everything You Should Know: Obudu Cattle Ranch Everything You Should Know: Obudu Cattle Ranch Everything You Should Know: Obudu Cattle Ranch    



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