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How Landlords Can Keep Their Tenants Happy

Majority of Nigerian tenants don’t believe the average Landlord can be nice and dandy or even have the tendency to be nice. This article talks about how landlords can go out of their way to be nice to their tenants.

Honestly, I am tired of hearing tenants complain about their landlords. These days no one seems to have something good to say about landlords. But can it really be that bad? Don’t landlords have the the tendency to be nice? Are they not humans too?

Despite the extreme negative vibes landlords give, it doesn’t change the fact that they are there to serve tenants. Tenants are their clients and they should be treated like one, not like people who came looking for accommodation from them because they have no place to stay.

Though landlords do endure some torrid moments from problematic tenants, the benefits of being a landlord outweighs that of being a tenant.

To keep a happy landlord-tenant relationship, Landlords must go out of their way to be pretty nice to a tenant

Going the extra mile

Landlords can afford to lower rents if doing so will only mean less profits, especially when a landlord realizes that he is actually making so much money from his residential rental property. They need not get too greedy. If a tenant has never seen any good in his or her landlord, the moment there is a reduction in rent, that tenant automatically becomes a loyalist.

A tenant admiration for his or her landlord can become a never- ending tale if similar houses in that locality appears to be twice more expensive than theirs.

Though it may appear hard to comprehend, it is the duty of the Landlord to go the extra mile to make his tenants happy. Very soon words will go out about his good deeds.

The key to a happy landlord-tenant relationship

There are some key factors or duties that must be embarked on if a Landlord is to have a cordial relationship with his tenants.

Here are three everyday tips that can work in favour of a landlord in his relationship with his tenants;

1. Communication

Communication is key in every relationship and a landlord-tenant relationship is no different. To build a formidable bond, a landlord must communicate effectively and efficiently with his tenant. Responding well enough to complaints in the best way possible and returning calls when missed will go a long way to letting a tenant know you care.

Also, maintaining your cool when a tenant is angered at a situation on the premises would speak volumes. Two wrongs don’t make a right. Stay in touch with a tenant, don’t leave them for months without any form of communication only to come knocking on their doors the day their rent expires, They are your clients not your debtors.

2. Dealing with issues promptly

Landlords should learn to deal promptly with maintenance issues within the premises rather than wait till the issue becomes a torn in the flesh of tenants. This is vital in proving to tenants that you are not just after their hard earned cash.

Keeping the property in good condition and reacting quickly to maintenance problems is key in gaining your tenants’ love

3. Be fair

If a landlord must increase rent, he has to weigh the pros and cons before taking such a sensitive decision. Keeping rent increases to within the local market rate and giving prior notice to tenants is important when trying to keep your tenants happy.

And if you must an upgrade of your property must be put in the picture so they at least know they are getting their money’s worth

Let us know in the comment box below if your current Landlord makes life very easy for you and how he has.





  1. Goodevening. I red your write up and it triggered me to ask this question. Between landlord and tenant, who supposed to provide prepaid or postpaid electricity meter in the house? Thanks for your quick respond.

  2. Some tenants are good some are bad or wicked. No matter how nice or good the gestures extended to a wicked person he or she will always retaliate with wickedness. Only God can save one from such tenants who are bad or wicked people.

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