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Landowners in Ikorodu allege violation of court order

Landowners at Nitel Estate, Awolowo Road in the Ikorodu area of Lagos State, have alleged that some landowners in the area built on their land in violation of a subsisting order by a High Court.

They said there were two orders that restrained parties to the dispute on the land from doing anything on the land, but said some people were selling parts of the land.

Speaking on the issue, Sunday Pepple, Retail and Engagement manager, Lagos and South West for NATCOM, said the company bought the core assets of liquidated Nitel, which means that the property in dispute is NATCOM’s property by virtue of its acquisition of Nitel’s assets.

He said people he described as “land grabbers, interlopers and impostors” had encroached on the property.

When he was asked if his company had document to prove ownership of the disputed property, Pepple said: “The instruments that enabled NATCOM to acquire the property of Nitel are public record for anyone to see.”

According to him, NATCOM did not indulge in any form of self-help; “the instrument enabling it is a High Court order and it is public record. The court invested the property in NATCOM trading as Ntel. The court order is available to anyone who wants to see it.”

However, Sarafa Dada and Adedoyin Osinkoya, representatives of the Keyoola Family, one of the parties in the dispute, said they instituted a suit against NATCOM and others on the land, adding the court ordered that the status quo be maintained. They said that they obeyed the order.

However, they accused other claimants of disobeying the court restraining the parties from doing anything on the land, adding that the Keyoola Family would not disobey a valid court order.

Credit: Independent

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