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Ministry of Housing says it has reduced housing deficit

The Federal Ministry of Lands, Housing and Urban Development has said it has reduced housing deficit, improved quality of houses and increased affordability of houses in Nigeria.

According to an interview with Daily Trust last week, the Minister of Lands, Housing and Urban Development, Mrs Akon Eyakenyi pointed out that in the last four years, the ministry has provided 61,000 houses and 23,000 housing mortgages to Nigerians.

The minister said apart from the launch of 100,000 housing unit scheme, the ministry projects building of 4 million houses in three years.

This is to be achieved through foreign direct investment and involvement of the private sector.

She said the ministry has reduced housing deficit by direct funding through the Federal Mortgage Bank of Nigeria (FMBN), the Federal Housing Authority (FHA) and the Public Private Partnership (PPP) and the Ministerial Pilot Scheme.

According to Eyakenyi, the ministry has reviewed the National Building Code, drafted a new National Land Policy, expanded and increased the National Housing Fund (NHF) collection, initiated a national housing survey and embarked upon auditing of all federal lands and landed properties.

The ministry she said has prepared a national physical development plan for Nigeria and reorganized and reinvigorated the FMBN board.

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  1. We only see all these things on paper. No physical evidence for them.

  2. Lies, Lies and Lies!

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