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#MyFirstHouse – “I Had to Pay Twice For the Same Land” – Mr. Ariyo

On every first House Story shared on Nigeria Real Estate Hub (NREH), the very interesting aspect for us has to be the uniqueness in their stories. Mr. Olamidehinde Ariyo in a chat with Elsie Godwin, NREH Correspondent, has revealed that he will never repeat the mistake of not going through a Property and Estate development Firm.

Read his brief but bitter experience below:

NREH: Kindly introduce yourself sir.

My name is Olamidehinde Ariyo. I am a property owner. I completed a property about three years ago, of which was a very terrible experience.

That wasn’t my first house though, the other ones were bought through Real Estate Companies, particularly LSDPC. But the one completed 3 years ago was my first attempt at buying a land and putting up a structure.

NREH: How did you get the land?

Somebody who originally presented himself as the owner, brought the certificate of Occupancy, which of course should have conferred ownership on him but unfortunately when the project started, other people came laying claim to the land and I had to pay twice for the same land. Not only that, when I was erecting a wall around the perimeter, I paid; the day we were digging the foundation, we paid; the day we were roofing, we paid, at each point we were developing the property, the Omoniles came with trouble and we paid. If I had my way, I will rather deal with a Property or an Estate development company.

NREH: What was your experience with the Artisans?

That’s another story entirely. I practically became the owner of the police station close to my property. I was regularly locking and releasing people. From the Bricklayers, to the  Carpenter, everybody on site was a complete mess. Even the Architect was a rogue. They tell you A today and change it tomorrow. At every point you are losing money. It doesn’t translate to quality service delivery.

NREH: If you have the opportunity to do this again, what will do you different?

I will never do that again. I will rather deal with an Estate Development company, who already have site and services or have a structure that fits my taste. We can talk about a bit of modification.

NREH: But people are of the opinion that the service charge that comes with living in these Estates is more than paying house rent, what is your opinion?

That’s not true. What you are paying for is ‘rest of mind’.  And of course, the multi various headache you would have to contend with – buying the same land over and over gain, some even bought thrice, having to deal with omoniles and of course the never responsible Artisans. It shouldn’t be taken along that part. Paying for peace of mind goes a very long way. As for me, whatever money can do for me, I rather not do it myself.

NREH: Any bad experience with Landlords in the past?

As a tenant, I had a terrible experience about 15 years ago. My rent was due and I wrote a Cheque. The Landlord didn’t want Cheque, he said he wanted Cash. I told him I will not pay such amount of money in Cash. He then brought some guys to come harass me. The good thing was that I had enough experience to let him know that nobody can harass me. I gave them a fight, he took the Cheque and I eventually left the house.

NREH: Whats your opinion on raising money to have your own house. People are of the opinion that young people cannot have their own houses in this country, what do you say?

With the economy as it is, with the poor pay people are earning, salaries not being paid as at when due and the expansive unemployment rate, its going to be very difficult for young ones to ever dream, talk less of owning their own houses.

NREH: Even if they save up for it?

How will they save?

NREH: Extra discipline?

That means they will not eat. We are hoping that the new government will put in some mechanism that will turn things around. We cannot live in a hopeless life, things may still turn around. But I will advice parents not to hands off helping their children where they can so that they can as well have their own properties.

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