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Experts urges govt to adopt small hydropower tech to improve power supply

National power boost uncertain as erosion threatens construction of hydro-plant

According to The Guardian, moves by the Federal Government to boost power supply nationwide through the construction of a hydro-plant on Mambilla Plateau in Sardauna Local Council of Taraba State may have begun to face one of the toughest challenges.

The newspaper notes the reason to be that the community hosting the project is at the verge of being cut off by gully erosion. Adding that, the border settlement with Cameroun, Lakkitaba, is reportedly in the throes of extinction if the problem was left to tarry.

Motorists and travellers negotiating Gembu, the administrative headquarters of Sardauna and Cameroun, are, according to reports, being left to devise an alternative route.

During a visit to the area, The Guardian, observed that the erosion had eaten deep into the only motorable road leading to the project site, a development that has instilled hopelessness in the people as regards the coming into fruition of the cherished facility.

Some community leaders, who spoke, said the project would sure be affected if nothing was done urgently to fix the dilapidated federal road, as it would play host to Heavy machines during construction, The Guardian reports.

The Village Head, Alhaji Hammidu Umar, pleaded with government to tackle the menace expeditiously. Also, commuters urged quick intervention to stave off avoidable loss of lives and properties.

The council’s vice chairman, Yerima Hassan Aliyu, who confirmed that that the state government had been written, added: “This is a federal project but I am very certain that our governor, who is an architect by profession, will give all the needed help to fix the road.”

Speaker of the House of Assembly, Abel Peter Diah, bemoaning the hardship of the people, called on government “to come to our rescue by bringing to an end this ongoing erosion that has taken over he major and only road leading to the site of the project.”

Source: The Guardian

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