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New building material debuts in Nigeria

The Guardian reports that the Nigeria building materials market will in the next couple of days receive a boost with the addition of KalsiClad, a new board specifically designed for external wall cladding with light weight versatile features.

The Guardian learnt that the new product is best for new or renovation projects that demand design flexibility, and modern, contemporary solutions.

Manufactured by Nigerite Limited, a complete building components solutions company, the product has the benefit of being resistant to the attack of termites, insects and most other vermin.

Officials of the firm said, the benefit represents the climax of momentum that has been building up around the product over time. They assured that with the new product, prospective homeowners are guaranteed quality and affordable products for construction and building systems, The Guardian reports.

The product will be launched on Thursday February 2, 2016 at the Ikeja office of the firm.

Source: The Guardian

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