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Nigeria Property: Are you searching for information to solve a specific problem?

Is searching for information on Nigeria property to solve a specific problem a herculean task to you?  Are you a home-seeker? Housing agent? Property investor?

Then I strongly recommend you  visit: www.findnigeriaproperty.com for solutions to your property needs.

Why did I say so? This nigeriaproperty search engine is a product of Realtor MLS.Com Ltd, which makes up myself and other well meaning real estate practitioners that are making efforts to restore sanity to the industry and put an end to tales of woes from anybody involved in property transactions of any kind.

Find Nigeria Property Website stands out from the rest with their unique selling point of providing solutions to your needs. It offers an answer to the main question of: What do you really need when you are looking for a property?find Nigeria property launch Cross Session of Participants at the Luncheon of Find Nigeria Property

The search engine is open to all but for the purpose of this article; let’s narrow it down to the following: Home-seekers, Property Investors, The General Public and Housing Agents.

HOME-SEEKERS: Using the website www.findnigeriaproperty.com , you are just a click away from the dream apartment that satisfies your housing needs.

It reduces cost and saves you the trouble of running around town, moving from house to house and from agent to agent only to turn up at the end of the day with a wishy-washy result.

We are a 110% committed to safeguarding the interest of the home-seeker in every way possible.

We have all grounds covered and every property listed is genuine as we have put strict measures in place to guard against fraud.

And as per property specifications, everything comes just as advertised.

With this search engine, what you see is what you get!

PROPERTY INVESTORS: With find Nigeria property website, investors know “WHERE” to put “WHAT” as regards their real estate investment decisions and transactions.

How do we intend to achieve this? With the derivatives that come with the features on this website, investors will be able to analyze property trends.

One might ask: What do we mean? This means that through the search engine, property investors will be able to know which kind of properties clients need in specific parts of town.

Via this website, you will be able to ascertain if values are going up… if supply is getting higher…what kind of properties are the in-thing, etc.

All these data on the website will help investors know how to deploy their funds.

Also for the investor, this search engine efficiently presents itself as the best tool for value analysis.

As values are changing, this website enables you know in which direction values are moving.

These vital info help to stimulate the property market for both local and foreign investors and this is another derivative of the search engine, as it provides information which we are lacking in Nigeria.

THE GENERAL PUBLIC: Anyone, so long as you have internet access is free to use the MLS for genuine search or research properties in Nigeria.

You can search your dream home and pick a home from several options based on your neighborhood characteristics and preference.

THE AGENT: Once you are listed on www.findnigeriaproperty.com , be rest assured that all you need do is sit down in your office while people download and see all the properties that meet their criteria.

If yours happens to be one of them, you are alerted through an e-mail or a phone call before you even set out on inspection because if someone had looked at it, there is every possibility that this is the kind of thing he needs.

Now this saves you time as well as brings you closer to those who need the properties, sparing you the frustrations of a blind approach to business.

Also, being linked on the MLS advertises you to the world like no other medium can… and trust me when I say this, the charge for a listing is next to nothing- N1000 per property for a month and an unlimited listing if you are signing up for longer period!

Now, agents can eat their cakes and have it!

General advantages of the search engine

• It saves home-seekers the time used in blind searching, as one click presents them with a short-listing of properties that catch their fancy.
• It also saves them cost of running from agent to agent and paying unnecessary consultation fees to quack agents. • It checkmates fraud.
• It gives home-seekers a wide range of the best options that meets their housing needs.
• Home-seekers can define their housing needs in line with their family structure using the search engine.
• From the comfort of your home, office, car, etc., you can see in graphic details what you are going in for.
• It advertises and brings agents closer to their prospective clients at an extremely low cost.
• For property investors, it provides them with the existing trends and value analysis that shapes their investment decisions.
• For agents and real estate practitioners listed on the search engine, it entrenches professionalism as there are rules, ethics and codes of conduct to live by.

Find Nigeria prop

Features Of The Find Nigeria Property Website

Find Nigeria property website will be linked to GOOGLE EARTH; so, expect to get the demographics and characteristics of the property you are interested in.

Also, we are working on linking the site to the schools and hospitals in each neighborhood so you will know that on moving there, these are the kind of facilities in place for you.

Also, the website has the specifics of each listed property with pictures to back it up.

The price is also indicated so you’ll know if you can afford what you are going in for or if you should even aim higher.

How to use the search engine:

It’s very easy…it’s just a click away. Just go to www.findnigeriaproperty.com, put in your search criteria which could include details like the kind of property you are looking for… specify if you are buying or renting?

What is the size of the property? What is the preferred neighborhood? What do you need it for?… just type these specifications in, then click on search.

All the properties in Nigeria available in that community site that fall in line with your search criteria will appear and then you can start to shortlist.

This precedes inspection and makes the whole process a lot easier.

We know that as the find nigeria property site gets more populated, more properties will keep coming in, more subscribers will keep coming in and ultimately, this will make the site very valuable to everybody involved and using it.

We sincerely hope and expect you to take advantage of this innovation in the nigeria property sector.

Findnigeriaproperty.com….your dream home at your fingertips!!!

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