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Nigerite launches new decorative ceiling

Regardless of the competitive nature of the Nigerian building market, Nigerite Limited has further introduced a new product which they believe will add a new dimension to roofing for Nigerians.

The building solutions company has launched a new product called Unique Ceil, an embossed ceiling which comes with a tastefully finished pattern. The new product unveiled at the company’s premises in Lagos last week comes in a standard dimension of 1.22m x 1.22m (4feet x 4feet) and 3mm thickness. The new product which is grey in colour can also be painted to any colour of choice by prospective consumers.

Unveiling the new product at a well attended event by distributors, senior carpenters and consumers from both Lagos and Ogun States, the Managing Director of the company, Mr. Frank LeBris said the new innovation was in line with the promise made to its stakeholders early last year as they have been hitherto used to the plain Nigerite 4×4 ceiling.

In his words: “Nigerite consumers have known the plain 4 x 4 sized model over the years but research has shown that a sizeable number of customers want more patterned options”.

Continuing, he said the company decided to innovate this new idea consequent upon a promise made early last year to our teeming consumers. “We promised them at the beginning of year 2014 that before the end of the year, they will have more variety in the market. We have since fulfilled that promise as we have introduced Prestige Ceil, Legend Ceil and now, Unique Ceil”.

He disclosed that the new product will be launched to the market in every other states in Nigeria just as it was launched to the professionals and other relevant stakeholders in Lagos and Ogun states respectively to allow for proper market penetration.

He also assured distributors that plans are underway to support their efforts with radio commercials and programmes to enlighten market about the several benefits and value addition the new products offer.

During the product presentation, Gboyega Adegbile, an engineer and Head of Roofing and Ceiling Business Unit, told newsmen that the new product idea is to provide customers with choice from varieties on offer.

“These new products are not out to substitute the plain 4X4, rather they are introduced so that our customers will have options to pick from and also an appeal to the taste of modern people.

We are achieving our marketing strategies which have been designed in such a way that the conservative people who may still ask for the plain ones get them while others who opt for decorative ceilings will also get them” Adegbile said.

Comrade Anthony Aluko, President of Professional Carpenters and Furniture Makers Association of Lagos State, described the new product as a beauty to behold, saying, “It looks more like Plaster of Paris (POP) ceiling.
These latest products are suitable for a sizeable modern day customers who believe in doing things differently.
“This latest offering from Nigerite, just like its name is unique and visually attractive. It is capable of transforming a house into a home”

On quality assurance, Aluko said Nigerite is a trusted brand because it always delivers when it comes to excellence. “We trust Nigerite to always come up with good products because they have never compromised on quality,” he said.

Alhaji Toyin Lawal, Deputy President, Carpenters Association in Ogun State could not agree less with Aluko when he said that Nigerite has been at the forefront when it comes to maintaining standards. “They have been able to consistently come up with top quality products and they have never conceded on quality and safety”.

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