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NIOB demand National Building Code

Members of the Nigerian Institute of Building (NIOB) have reiterated its call to the Federal authority to promulgate a law to enforce the National Building Code.

NIOB in a communiqué after its 44th Annual General Meeting/Conference at the Bovina View International Hotel, Ilorin, Kwara State, recently said professionals in the building industry should put social, environmental and economic sustainability of every project ahead of financial gains, power and compassion.

In the conference attended by over 1,000 delegates comprising Professional Builders, Graduate Builders and representatives of student from Building Schools across Nigeria and allied professionals, they agreed that construction professionals should endeavour to collaborate with colleagues outside the country in order to internationalize construction process and output.

Builders further advocated for the formation of consortium of experts in the building industry in order to encourage and improve construction project delivery.

They also harped on the need for collaboration in research and development activities among academia in the building profession at home and abroad.

Signed by the Publicity Secretary, Danjuma Abalaka, they also agreed that green construction and energy efficiency practices as well as training should be introduced so as to sustain the environment; while employment of more female builders in the Ministries, higher Institutions and agencies should be enhanced.

NIOB said professional bodies and academic institutions should encourage and organize more seminars and workshops to educate members on the necessity and benefits of innovations/innovative practices as well as to foster unity among the professionals in the building industry.
According to the institute, the professional and regulatory bodies should create avenues for experienced professional women builders in the industry to mentor the younger ones.
They urged patronage of professional women builders via contract awards as contractors and consultants by the government.

credit: guardian newspaper

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