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Obey The Rules | #SackYourLandlord

I haven’t been under a Landlord until I got admitted into a University, and I needed somewhere to stay. It was an opportunity to have a view from the tenant’s end. So, I had no problem with it, as one needs to have experiences as a human.
Describing my landlord, he is a young man, in his thirties or forties I guess; he is jovial and tries to have good relationship with his tenants.
With my personality, I don’t think I can have any serious problem with most landlords, as I mind my business and I obey the rules. I would say my landlord is a good man, though if you asked a few other tenants, they would say he isn’t; because they’ve had problem(s) with him one time or the other. But the fact is, Respect him and yourself, he will respect himself and you.
One thing that can make my landlord show his strictness is, not paying your debt and feeling/acting like the boss; who are you? Actually, my landlord is the type that understands; if the money isn’t ready yet; explain to him, he will give you more time. As a matter of fact, he gives us the grace of three months (January to March) before coming for his rent, you hardly see someone that does that.
Someone would say I’ve got an excellent landlord, with all I’ve said already, but the summary is that his good sides overshadow his shortcomings. That nevertheless, wouldn’t make me forget an encounter with him, which is now history; I paid my rent and moved into his house in the month of April, of a certain year. The next year I paid my rent, he gave me a receipt that read January to December of that year, instead of April of that year to March of the next year. That really got me annoyed, I intended to confront him, but on second thought, I decided to let it pass, so that I can enjoy my stay, and have a fair atmosphere with him. After all it’s three months off and a onetime thing.
I still live there now, and I don’t think I’ll move out until I finish my studies. There are good substitutes that are cheaper and/or seem better; but there’s this love I have for where I stay now, not that there are no bad times, there are; just that it’s a good place to stay.
One last word; whether it be a good or evil landlord that one has; obey the rules which you accepted before moving in, and relate moderately with the landlord. Even if he’s evil, God and Mother Nature won’t allow any terrible thing to happen to you, so far you treat him with due respect and goodness. If he brings up a policy you can’t cope with, move out in peace, so as to retain the good relationship. Believe you’ll be a landlord someday, and work towards it.

AUTHOR: Atuchukwu, Onyedika Ugochukwu


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