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Oga Martins & His Kettle of Fishes 4.0 - Season's Finale

Oga Martins & His Kettle of Fishes 4.0 – Episode 10

Martins had a hectic weekend. First, he had to bail Uju out of prison, he also had to lay down new rules governing the tenants in 5, Otolorin street, Lawanson following the ugly incident which was as a result of an illegal party in the compound.

Runo had been rushed to the hospital after Uju’s assault on her, luckily for Uju, she regained consciousness some minutes after the Doctors attended to her. However Uju had already been arrested and taken into police custody even before Runo got to the hospital. She spent almost 48 hours locked up in cell before Martins came to her rescue.

Martins had to pay her bail since none of her friends or family members were willing to help her out of her misery. She had pleaded with Martins to salvage the situation after she overheard a police woman at the ‘Area G Police Command’ tell her colleague that she was going to be transferred to Panti. Martins felt sympathy for Uju when he saw her weep like a baby who had been deprived of food, during his visit to the Police station. He immediately paid her bail and secured her release before the case would get worse than it was.

Uju was full of gratitude for Martins for his kind gesture. She was almost rolling on the floor when she came out of her cell to meet Martins. After two nights in police cell, Uju saw a world entirely different from that she had been accustomed to. She wouldn’t even wish it for her enemy. She wondered how those who spend years in jail come out with their sanity intact.


It was a Monday evening, Martins had gone to pick Uju after work. Uju did not say a single word during the ride from the ‘Area G Police Command’ to Lawanson. It was so unlike a lady who was ordinarily a chatter box. That is what two nights in a Nigerian Police cell does to people.


Martins spotted Deji and Thelma at an isolated spot close to the storehouse the moment he drove into the compound. Seeing the duo together came as a complete shock to Martins.“What on earth is this innocent young girl doing with Deji?” Martins tried to ponder on the revelation.

Thelma who only recently was transferred from the customer service unit of Martins’ company to marketing department was presently the most productive marketer in Martins’ team. Uju alighted from Martins’ car to the waiting hands of her roommate, Nneka. “Welcome home love! So happy to have you back.”

“Thank you,” Uju was almost in tears as Nneka took her into a warm embrace. “It feels good to be back.”

Deji and Thelma on the other hand were still in their secluded corner having their tete a tete. The du0 were oblivious of Martins’ arrival until he came out of his vehicle. Deji was the first to sight him, he wasn’t surprised though. “Oga Martins how far now?” Thelma turned immediately at the mention of her boss’s name. Martins presence in the compound held her spell bound. Her boss was the least person she had expected to see. Though, she knew he lived in Surulere, she still couldn’t quite correlate Martins’ relationship with the compound, and worse still her boyfriend even knew him.

“Oga Martins!!! What are you doing here?”

“I should be asking you that question. What on earth are doing in this compound or is Deji your client?”

Thelma stuttered briefly. “Err…he’s …I don’t really have a client here. I came to see a friend.”

“Hmm…I see. I should give both of you some privacy,” Martins walked away from the lovers to attend to other matters. In no time he was in Madam Ekaette’s flat.


“Peace be unto this house,” Martins walked into the living room to meet Madam Ekaette’s and her husband seated in one of the expansive sofa in the living room.

“Good day Oga Martins. Please have a seat. You weren’t at work today?” The man of the house inquired as Martins took a seat

“I was. I drove to the station to pick Uju after work then we drove down here together”

“Oh Uju has been released! Thank God! At least she’s out of jail now. We are really sorry for all the trouble we put you through.”

“We are sorry sir,” Madam Ekaette added.

“Look, I have to be stern with you guys, a repeat of this occurrence will automatically lead to your eviction. We won’t take this kindly anymore,” Martins gave a gentle warning

“It will never happen again.”

“I’m sure it wouldn’t . I have to go now, got other business to attend to”

“Enjoy the rest of the evening”

“You too Mr. Obong”


Though the party the Obongs’ threw in the compound was a total disregard to Martins position as caretaker, he wouldn’t have been able to summon the courage to threaten them with an eviction if their rent wasn’t due. Martins walked out of the flat to the direction he parked his car. He couldn’t help but notice that Deji and Thelma were no longer where he had earlier discovered them.

“And I wanted to see Deji oh!” Martins had not finished his statement when Deji walked into the compound with a grin on his face.

“Thank God you are still around. We need to talk,” Deji voiced out whilst the grin disappeared from his face.

“Yes we need to.”

“Can I join you in your car? I’m sure it will be brief,” Deji continued.

“Of course.”

Deji moved towards the passengers side of Martins’ vehicle. He reclined into the seat. “So about Thelma, I understand she’s your subordinate at your work place. Martins she knows nothing about my past and I would love it to remain that way. I know you have a big mouth. Thelma really means a lot to me, even if I pretend to have forgiven you for how your betrayal led to my prison sentence, I won’t forgive you if Thelma ever learns that I am an ex-convict”

“But I’m not the only one who knows you are an ex-convict, I’m sure your friend Jamiu is privy to that information too.”

“Yes, but why would Jamiu want to tell Thelma that? That really doesn’t sum up, moreover he is my bosom friend remember?”

“I was once your bosom friend too”

“Martins, you were never my friend, it was a facade. Anyways, you know exactly what I’m talking about. A word is enough for the wise. Once bitten, twice shy. If words ever go out, I won’t forgive you this time Martins.”

Deji attempted to get out of the car, but Martins held him down by the hand, “Solonzo was at my place last week.”

“Solonzo! What did he say he wanted?” Deji is shocked.

“He came for his international passport. I wasn’t even aware it was in the wallet Ada misplaced before her sudden disappearance and he doesn’t even believe Ada is dead. He said he will come back for me whenever he’s back from his trip because he feels I know about the whereabouts of Ada. I’m scared Deji.”

“Hmm…You should. Honestly, Solonzo is not really after you. As far as I’m concerned, the only thing he needed from you was his international passport. The real person he’s after is me. I should be the scared one Martins, you just go home to your beautiful wife. I’m sure you will be fine as long as my secret stays away from Thelma. Do we have a deal?”

Martins thought about it for a moment, then he responded, “yes, deal!”

Oga Martins & His Kettle of Fishes continues next week…

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