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Oga Martins & His Kettle of Fishes 4.0 - Season's Finale

Oga Martins & His Kettle of Fishes 4.0 – Episode 14

Martins had just finished an awesome presentation to the board of directors of Realty Point Limited on how to improve sales. His second presentation had saved his job which was hitherto on the line. Asides that, Thelma with the help of Martins was bringing in numerous mouth-watering deals to the company that was already putting a smile on the faces of the powers that be in the company.

Some weeks earlier, Martins was on the verge of losing his job when sales dropped at Realty Point Limited, followed by a very terrible presentation by Martins to the board of directors on how he and his marketing team can improve sales in the company. The MD had stood in the defense of the one-time company’s golden boy on that fateful day. Martins was subsequently handed a lifeline and another chance to redeem his image.

He immediately got back to the drawing board and made Thelma his PA, though an unofficial position but Martins realized he could pick the young lady’s brain a little if he was to stand any chance of saving his job. With the help of Thelma the company’s revenue skyrocketed with reckless abandon in so little time. At some point before the quantum leap being experienced by the company, Thelma was the only employee making sales for the company. Though she is the youngest employee at Realty Point Limited, her intelligence and interpersonal skills was second to none. She had been transferred to the marketing unit of the company from the customer service unit where her expertise was also felt by clients and colleagues alike.

Thelma had become Martins most trusted ally in the company within a short period of time, not even her intimate relationship with Deji could come between them. Thelma was the tonic Martins needed to revive his career. And now that the duo where jointly making sales for the company, Thelma was beginning to have a certain kind of trust for Martins.

Though her relationship with Deji started some months back, Deji was her first and it felt like she had known him all her life. However, there were so many things about the ex-convict that Thelma was in the dark about and Martins wished the young lady would really begin to see Deji for who he is rather than who he portrays himself to be. Over the weekend Uju had accosted Thelma while she had gone to spend the weekend with Deji. Thelma had stepped out of the apartment her boyfriend shared with Jamiu to get some stuffs at the market when Uju requested to talk to her. Uju had asked her a series of questions concerning her relationship with Deji. She just wouldn’t understand what an innocent young girl would be doing with a guy like Deji.


Deji exploded like a detonated IED the moment he saw Uju with his girlfriend, but rather than send a warning to Uju, Deji’s outburst only succeeded in scaring the living daylights out of his girlfriend, His reaction laid credence to Uju’s suspicions and now it was time for Thelma to begin questioning his boyfriend’s temperament and past. Thelma was an only child who had lived her life with so much caution and discipline under the strict guidance of her godly parents, and falling in love with a guy like Deji was turning out to be her first major faux pas. She had gone to Martins’ office to talk to him about Deji, she needed to know what her boss knew about him.


“Good Morning Oga Martins.”

“Hi Thelma, any better?”

“Can I have a moment?” Thelma asked tersely.

“Sure, more than a moment self. Do sit down please,” Martins was more that willing to spare some time for the company’s pearl. “So what is it about? We’ve got more clients?”

“Not exactly sir. It’s about what you discovered some days ago when you saw me with Deji in that house at Lawanson”

“Oh that, actually its nothing. Pardon my reaction, I was just surprised seeing you there nothing more” Martins had been hoping Thelma wouldn’t bring up the incident.

“Oga Martins are you sure you were just surprised seeing me there or you actually weren’t expecting to see me with Deji?”

“Of course not dear, seriously am cool with him o!”

“Boss, please what’s your relationship with Deji, what do you know about him? Do you sincerely approve of us?”

“I don’t get you Thelma. What is  this about?” Martins was getting agitated

“I love my boyfriend dearly sir, and I am willing to take our relationship to the next level sir. That’s how much our love has grown within a short space of time but there are many questions about Deji that’s unanswered, especially about is past. A lot of rumours have been flying around Mr. Martins and I thought you could help me out on that,” Thelma was becoming emotional

“Really? But why me? Deji is just a tenant in the property I’m managing”

“That was not what I was told boss”

“I don’t understand you Thelma. What were you told?”

“I am in your office today cause one of the rumours is linked to you.”

“Interesting, Thelma are you for real?” Martins tried to hide his shock at the revelation

“Yes sir, they tell me Deji use to be your bestfriend and room mate till you betrayed him”

“What? Who told you that?” Martins jaw dropped, his skin suddenly turned gray and his face was gradually losing colour. He gazed into thin air like a child that a spell was cast on as he recollected Deji’s threat after Thelma discovered that they were acquaintances…

Oga Martins & His Kettle of Fishes continues next week…

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