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Oga Martins & His Kettle of Fishes 4.0 - Season's Finale

Oga Martins & His Kettle of Fishes 4.0 – Episode 19

After Martins had been let off the hook Police Corporals, Olu and Gabriel had hung him to, Runo had to tell them what she knew about the rape incident in it’s entirety, not minding whatever trauma she was suffering from. That wasn’t even much of their business. It had been almost 24 hours since Runo was raped and she was still finding it pretty difficult to come to terms with the painful reality

The men in black at the Area ‘G’ Police Command had succeeded in extorting money from Martins before he left their station that evening, regardless of the fact that they had breached the young man’s fundamental human rights. For them it was business as usual. Now that they were done with Martins, it was time to shift their focus to the man who had been the prime suspect all along.

Runo told Corporal Olu and Gabriel, the two police officers handling the rape case that though she couldn’t completely make out the faces of the men who had assaulted her a night before, her instincts told her the man who raped her was her neighbour, Jamiu. However the men couldn’t act on that, so Runo had to convince them it wasn’t just about her instincts. Asides the Police officers, there was just one other person in the station when Runo gave her account of the unfortunate rape incident. Mr. Obong had left Uju to attend to other pressing matters.


“My neighbour wears a customized hand band with his name inscribed on it and I saw it at the crime scene after the havoc was done,” Runo began solemnly.

“He left it there?” Corporal Olu inquired.

“He wasn’t aware he did. I pulled it out during the struggle”

“So he successfully had his way regardless?”Runo slowly nodded her head

“Was he the only one”

“He had other accomplices but Jamiu was the only person who carried out his evil deed. The other fled the moment they heard sirens from a patrol vehicle”

“So how many were they?”

“I could only make out five figures in the dark, including the two guys that waylaid and bundled me into the uncompleted building”

“Do you have the hand band?”

“No officer, I left it at the crime scene”

“You mean you lost the only evidence that could possibly nail the rapist or prove that your neighbour is the rapist?”

“Officer she didn’t lose it, she said she left it at the crime scene” Uju was getting irritated with Corporal Olu’s insensitivity

“And what difference does that make, Huh? Mrs Sabinus…”

“You can still find it there if you go to the uncompleted building right away,” Uju added.

“Says who? Your experience?” Corporal Olu responded furiously.

“Abi na you go buy fuel inside motor wey we go carry go?” Corporal Gabriel lent his voice.

“Young lady, your account of the rape incident is not enough to arrest this guy” Corporal Olu shifted attention back to Runo.

“Officers I know the guy who raped me. I heard him talk…it was him, it was Jamiu!” Runo was beginning to lose it. She was really growing impatient with officers and it was becoming more difficult to hold back her emotions.

“But why would your neighbour want to rape you in an uncompleted building or were you guys lovers? Was he wooing you abi you been dey form for am?”

“He threatened me sometimes ago but I didn’t take his threat serious. He had been making sexual advances at me and when I blatantly refused his advances, he swore I was going to regret I did”

” Are you sure you didn’t dare him or insult him? because most of una, na una mouth dey kill una.

“Haba officer! which kain talk be that one naa? Are you giving reasons why she was raped?”

“Shut up there! Abi dem rape you too? Busy body!” Corporal Olu continued his questioning despite Uju’s protest. “Did you report the incident to us?”



“Isn’t that obvious? Who would believe me? It was going to be my words against his? Moreover, I would never have  thought he was going to make certain the threats.”

“Hmm…Young lady we don’t have a strong case against your prime suspect. The best we can do for you is to bring him in for questioning. A minute please…”

Corporal Olu immediately requested for a police van in preparation to apprehend Jamiu at his residence. Runo and his friends never had faith in the Nigerian Police and their reactions to her revelations was never going to take them by surprise. They knew before the whole saga started that Runo wouldn’t get justice for Jamiu’s crimes. Though the Officers had put Runo and her neighbours in the police van with intentions to drop them off since they were heading to the same destination, they doubted if anything would come out of their pretentious zealousness.

After her narration of the rape incident, Runo knew she was never going back to stay in her apartment, all she wanted to do now was go stay with a close friend in Lekki till she could find another place to live, away from prying eyes. Her rent was due the next month, so leaving her apartment wasn’t going to be a big deal.


Martins was not sure what to expect at home, Aisha had angrily left the station after she realised the girl whom her husband was accused of raping was Runo, she had always suspected that her husband was having an affair with the young lady. Aisha had returned to the house from the station hoping to get some rest. Albeit, it had been four hours since she left the Police station still she was finding it pretty difficult to get some rest. She laid down on her bed as she fixed her gaze on the ceiling consequent of a desperate need to get some rest which wasn’t in any way forthcoming. To say she was heartbroken would be an understatement, Aisha was devastated and she was trying so hard not to lose it. She had been having a running battle with her husband over his relationship with Runo since he took over as caretaker of Mr. Okafor’s residential rental property. And each time it seemed the issue had subsided, another allegation arises.

This time Aisha needed no soothsayer to tell her her husband was having an affair with Runo, not with Runo’s account of the rape incident. Runo had revealed to officers at the station that Martins had left her moments before the incident, and this was just about the time Aisha walked into the station. Though Runo had cleared the air as to Martins involvement in the rape saga, subsequently alienating him from all accusations, but her revelation had confirmed Aisha’s worst fears about her husband’s secret love affair.
Martins walked into his compound stealthily expecting the worse. On getting to the entrance to his house, he discovered to his utter disbelief that the door to his living room was wide open. He walked into the house cautiously expecting his wife to spit fire and brimstone but his expectations were cut short because his wife was no where in sight.

“Aisha! Aisha!!” He called out loud but all he heard was the echo of his voice.


Oga Martins & His Kettle of Fishes continues next week…


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