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Oga Martins & His Kettle of Fishes 4.0 - Season's Finale

Oga Martins & His Kettle of Fishes 4.0 – Episode 20

The Police men handling the rape case involving Runo had swooped in on 5, Otolorin Street Lawanson hoping to apprehend Jamiu and his cohorts. This was after the victim had revealed that her neighbour spearheaded the unfortunate rape incident that led to the unlawful arrest of Martins.

When officers of the Area ‘G’ Police Command got to 5 Otolorin street Lawanson, Jamiu and Deji had deserted their apartment. News had reached Jamiu that his name was mentioned in connection to the rape incident. Jamiu never expected Runo to come out plain on the rape incident considering the fact that she was a high profile lady who liked to mind her business and wouldn’t want the world to know that she was a victim of rape. And he wouldn’t have known his secret had been leaked if he hadn’t overheard Uju and Nneka discuss the matter. He immediately informed Deji of the development. Though he wasn’t involved in the actual rape incident, Deji was present when Runo was bundled into the building by Jamiu’s guys, so he had to take precaution due to his close affiliation with Jamiu. For Deji, a second time in jail will be suicidal.


Police Corporals, Olu and Gabriel who were at the forefront of the wild goose chase to 5, Otolorin street Lawanson took out the annoyance of their failed operation on Runo and Uju. They had expected to catch their suspect unawares but that didn’t work. Jamiu had fled the building before they could reach him. Now the officers were at logger heads with the girls for their late call.

“I for no take these useless girls talk serious. Na so we come meet empty house,” Corporal Olu was the first to vent his spleen.

“But officers na our fault say the guy don fade,” Uju thundered.

“When una know say una go still report the matter to us why una come still go they broadcast am?” Corporal Gabriel gave his 2 cents.

“How do you mean officer?” a dejected Runo inquired.

“You specifically told us you were raped by your neighbour, meanwhile the whole compound got wind of the situation even before you deemed it fit to report the real incident to us. Does that make any sense? The Police should be the first to know about such if you really want them to get the culprit. But instead you chose to confide in your loud mouth friend,” Corporal Gabriel concluded.

Abeg officer no insult me o! Na me come broadcast am? Abi person wey commit crime no know the gravity of wetin him do ni? Must a criminal wait to be told before he bolts, you people are just looking for excuses not to do your job,” Uju was losing her cool with the ragtag officers

“You dey mad! You no get home training at all,” Corporal Olu replied Uju in equal measure.

“Please officers I have had enough of this madness! You guys have proven to me that you are not professionals at all and I had no business disclosing such sensitive information to you in the first instance. What was I even expecting? For crying out loud I was the victim of an ugly rape incident that occurred some 24 hours ago and the best you can  do is to rain insults on me and my friend who has been a life saver. Look, right now I just need to leave this place and go somewhere else to sort out my life. I’m done here! You guys can go hang out with the rapist for all I care,” The officers conduct embittered Runo and in no time she walked into her apartment to pick up the pieces of her life, leaving the officers to their devices.

“What is wrong with this one now? Na you be the first girl wey dem go rape ni? You no even thank God say na one person rape you” Corporal Olu did not spare his thoughts as he lashed out at the poor girl.

“Can you guys stop this rubbish! Jees! Una no get human feelings o! What difference does the number make? Rape is rape abeg!” Uju wouldn’t have any of the officers ruthlessness. She joins Runo in her apartment as she countered the officers.

“Na una fault? Abeg Gabriel make we go find better case work on joor. All these ones na time wasters. Bad market!”The officers walked out of the compound to join the Police van that was parked outside as they made their exit.


Runo had to vacate her apartment and relocate to a completely new environment following the rape incident. She couldn’t stand the stigma since the whole neighbourhood seemed to be fully aware of the incident, the victim and also the rapist. Runo was popular in Lawanson not only for her looks, but also because her face was on a prominent billboard close to the bridge at Ojuelegba. The rape incident occurred just as her modelling career was beginning to gain attention and rave reviews, and it was bound to cast an ugly dent on her emerging career based on the society she found herself.

Uju and Nneka had tried to talk her out of relocating but there was nothing the duo who had stood by their neighbour despite their past time could do to make Runo change her mind. She was adamant and they could understand perfectly. Though the psychological trauma was really becoming unbearable for Runo, relocating was never going to ease her pain.


Martins was in a state of disarray, It had been almost 2 hours since he got home and his wife was still nowhere in sight. Worse still her lines weren’t even going through. He had told himself he was going to raise an alarm or probably make a report at the police station if there was still no news of his wife just before night fall, albeit each time he tried to raise an alarm, something kept telling him he was going to be raising a false alarm for his wife was perfectly fine. But how would he know if there was still no news of her. Experience had taught him not to work based on assumptions. This was not just about Aisha needing sometime away from her husband as Martins made himself assume, Martins had to make certain his wife was not by any chance in danger.

The assumption that Aisha only left the house temporarily was immediately dismissed the moment Martins spotted bloodstains on their bedroom floor. At that point he knew something was definitely amiss. He darted to the living room, then moved to the dining to grab his car keys on the dinning table. In a flash, Martins was outside the house and was ready to drive off when his phone suddenly rang. It was an unknown number…

“Hello,” The caller began.

“Yes please, who is this”

“Am I on to Mr Martins”

“Yes, this is Martins”

“Your wife is in labour sir”


“St Nicholas”

“Oh my God! I’m on my way. Hope she’s fine?”

“Mr. Martins we need you at the hospital ASAP,” The voice responded with urgency.

“Yeah, I’m driving down already…” The phone lines went dead before Martins could confirm if his wife was fine.

He sped out of his compound’s parking lot like a formula one driver. He said a silent word of prayer as he drove off.


Join us next week for the Season Finale of our real estate drama fiction blog series, Oga Martins & His Kettle of Fishes.



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