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Oga Martins & His Kettle of Fishes 4.0 - Season's Finale

Oga Martins & His Kettle of Fishes 4.0 – Episode 3

Solonzo’s appearance at Realty Point Limited frayed some nerves and raised suspicion. He knew where he was headed and he needed no guide. He had even walked past the reception without looking in the direction of the front desk officer. Though, not too many persons had seen him walk into Martins’ office, the MD saw him leave. Solonzo brushed shoulders with him, and that was because the gentleman was trying hard to avoid colliding with him. 

“He was a burly and barrel chested guy, wearing a pair of military styled dark sunglasses with a visible tattoo on his arm. I could swear he was carrying an ammunition on him,” the MD joked while having a chit chat with Mr. Rufus in his office

“Ammunition you said sir? That guy looked like he had an entire artillery with him”

Solonzo really did fit the MD’s and Mr. Rufus’ description; he was a mean looking 6 footer. Solonzo’s appearance that day at Realty Point Limited was more than enough to raise eyebrows. He wore wide leg baggy jeans, which sagged around his waist like a trendy urban youth whose belt was confisticated in prison.  He had super-crisp K-swiss shoes on to complement his baggy jeans, athletic gear like sweatbands, and even wore a platinum studded dental cast over his top teeth.

He had well-patterned sort tight braids on his head, which he covered with the hood of the winter jacket. The winter jacket he wore made him look like some Siberian chased by a white tiger. Everything he had on spoke volumes, he was the definition of a high breed gangster

The only sane thing Solonzo had on him would have been his fresh white t-shirt, but that also had the inscription of the head of a red bandana wearing toddler, with piercings on his nose and ears.

Solonzo’s appearance that morning could fit for an assassin, even a real assassin will feel threatened. At first, Yahne, the young customer service representative thought he was one of their clients who had come to make trouble. She has being having many of such cases lately. It seemed like most Nigerians were becoming frustrated by the day as the prices of goods in the market continued to soar high like an eagle who never wants to get its feet soiled.

Yahne was now back at the office she shared with Eyintayo, her colleague. “Guess where that dude was headed”

“Who? The ex-convict?” Yahne reeled with laughter following her colleague’s remark

“Eyintayo you be case o! Come to think of it sha, he really was looking like an ex-con”

“Yes naw. So where was he headed? The MD’s office?”

“MD ke? Na Oga Martins office o!”

“Oga Martins?”


Wetin he go do there, abi he go threaten am?”

“Looked like, cause I heard him tell him before I left his office that Oga Martins was in possession of something that belongs to him”

“Really? What could that be?”

“Probably it’s something that has to do with our land transaction, maybe he is one of the omoniles we bought our property from”

“Haba Yahne,which property?That ex-convict no resemble omonile now”

“Do Omoniles look any better than ex-convicts”

“Chai babe! that was too exreme”

“But its true naa”

“Well sha, I’ve never trusted that Oga Martins”

“You’ve never trusted him or you’ve never really liked him”

“Whatever you say.”

Yetunde’s entry into their office brought the duo’s conversation to a halt “Did you see that Shina Rambo?”

“Which one be Shina Rambo again oh, Madam Yetunde!” Eyintayo opined, intrigued by the mother of two’s exuberance

“Omo Baba Olowo?” Yahne inquired.

“No, Shina Rambo was a one-time notorious bandit that terrorized south-west Nigeria and was invincible to law enforcement officers”

“Ose! Madam Yetunde the historian!” Eyintayo was impressed. Yetunde had proven over time that she was vast in the history of her people and country. “But wetin that kain person dey do with Oga Martins”

“E fit be him client” Yetunde replied.

“No he’s not. Oga Martins did not appear to recognize the guy when he stepped into his office.” Yahne countered.

“Na wao! This Oga Martins get issues o! I heard when he was still a marketer his client was killed in a bank robbery incident and he was even in the banking hall with the client when the robbery was carried out”

“No be him client them kill o Eyintayo, na Ada fake client” Yetunde responded.

“Who be Ada?”

“The former HR”

“Was she sacked?”

“No, she’s dead!”

“Huh! Wetin kill am?

“Omo this company get history o! things don happen”


Martins was still reflecting on his conversation with Solonzo, the man who had pulled the trigger on the late Engr. Tunde Adetukasi. He now knew there was more to Deji’s return from jail than he knew. It still beat his imagination how a murderer would be left off to roam freely around the street. He was still rummaging when his phone rang, Mr.okafor had called again to remind him of their deal. At this point Martins had made up his mind. He was going to take up the job at 5, Otolorin street, Lawanson. Nothing else mattered to him asides fending for his family and keeping them out of trouble

He had become resolute to deal with the demons in his life headlong if he was going to continue to put smiles on his wife’s face. Money they say answereth all things. He was a married man now, his life was not his anymore.

Oga Martins & His Kettle of Fishes continues next week…

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