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Oga Martins & His Kettle of Fishes 4.0 - Season's Finale

Oga Martins & His Kettle of Fishes 4.0 – Episode 6

Martins had no idea the wallet he had found on the floor while leaving the office premises years ago belonged  to the ring leader of the robbery squad that carried out a dastardly attack on Maximus Bank. It was Solonzo who had ordered the killing of Engr.Adetukasi, and it was his wallet Ada had found on the crime scene and was going to hand it over to the Police but somehow misplaced it on transit.

Martins had long forgotten that he had a wallet in his possession. He couldn’t even remember where he had kept it after he found it lying fallow on the floor immediately Ada left for the Police station. Ada had called him at night the day she had gone to report her findings at the Police station. She had called to raise an alarm about someone trailing her car.


“Martins, a Nissan Toyota car has been following me since I left the Police station o!” Ada said frantically the moment Martins answered her phone call.

“Ada don’t tell me you’ve gone to the Police station already”

“I just left the station some couple of minutes ago”

“So what did you tell them since you didn’t go with the wallet”

“How did you know that?”

“I found it on the floor as I was leaving the Office premises this evening”

“It must have dropped from my hand bag, but thank God I had the Id card with me when I got to the station”

“I presume you are still on the road”

“Of course. How else do I know a someone has been trailing my car?”

“Are you sure a car is really trailing yours or it’s just you thinking that way?”

“Martins I have made two stops along the way and even taken a detour, yet I still see this same car from my rear mirror”

“Ada since you went ahead to report your findings to the Police, then you shouldn’t be surprised that you are being followed.  Anway, I’m sure it’s nothing serious but I will advise you don’t spend the night in your apartment.”

“Really? You tell me it’s nothing serious,  yet advise me not to spend the night in my apartment”

“Just  to be careful or you  would rather throw caution to the wind?”


That was the last Martins heard of Ada, the following day she was reported missing. Now several years later, a wallet Martins never thought would serve any consequential purpose again was now the subject of interest and a thing of life and death. Solonzo had given Martins 48 hours to produce not just the wallet but his international passport which he claimed was in the wallet when it got missing. Martins wondered how anyone would want to issue an international passport to a dangerous man like Solonzo.

He wasn’t sure he had an idea of the location of the wallet, since he was still a single man when the unfortunate incident occurred and worse still, he couldn’t remember seeing an international passport in the wallet the day he had found it. Albeit, somehow he knew he still had the wallet.

He could recall that Ada had brought out Solonzo’s  ID card from the wallet but she never indicated if there was another form of identification in the large wallet. Now Martins was in yet another dilemma just because he picked up a wallet that dropped from a colleagues’ hand bag. If he only he knew…

However, what baffled Martins more was how Solonzo knew he had the wallet. All he could deciper was that Ada had spent her last moments with the killer or who else would have informed him that the wallet was in his possession. As he drove into the parking lot of his residence in Surulere, all he had on his mind was how to locate the now infamous wallet of an an alumni of the Kuje and Kirikiri Maximum Prisons.

The moment he stepped into the house, questions came flying at him from the usual source. Aisha wanted to know what transpired between her husband and Solonzo.


“Martins what was the meeting about? What does he want from you? Did he threaten you? How did he even know where to find you? And why are you acting like a deaf and dumb person? Martins!!!”


“Have you been listening to me at all?”

“Sweetie you’ve asked me a multitude of questions without even stepping my foot in the living room. Which one do you want me to answer first, because my head is buzzing right now from the barrage of questions.”

“Okay, just gist me. What went down between you two? What is this sacred possession of his he wants from you?”

“It’s a wallet” Martins said amid heavy sighs

“A wallet?”


“He wants your wallet?”

“Of course not. I have his wallet and he wants it back”

“I don’t understand. What are you doing with the wallet of a criminal?”

“It was many years ago; the robbery incident that led to the death of your boyfriend – the fake client you set up with Ada…”

“That’s not the question I asked you Martins, I want to know what you are doing with the wallet of a criminal”

“I picked it up after it dropped from Ada’s bag”

“And you never returned it to her?”

“She was gone before I could.”

“Then you decided to hold on to the wallet of a robber and a killer? You should have done what Ada would have done now”

“And disappear like her, right? You would prefer that?”

“Okay so where is the wallet now and why does he need that particular wallet?”

“Wifey I have no idea where the wallet is but I believe it’s somewhere in this house. Actually it’s not the wallet he’s after, he claims he has his international Passport in it”

“An international  passport in a wallet?”

“It’s not the regular wallet. I have been given 48 hours to get it to him and my time started hours ago” Martins grows impatient.

“48 hours! And you’ve been here conversing with me? Gosh! Martins even if you are tired of life, please for the sake of your wife and unborn child do not take this man’s threat for granted.”

“And who says I am?” Martins responded while walking away from his wife into the bedroom, however, his wife had one last question for him before he got down to work

“Martins what did you say this dude’s name is again?”

He’s Solonzo – the ring leader of the robbery squad that invaded the bank and killed Tunde. And just for the records dear, your panache for revenge led us on to this road. If only you hadn’t set up your boyfriend with your one time friend and colleague, we won’t be in this mess.

Martins finally walked into the bedroom living his wife totally speechless as she stood transfixed to a spot. “Oh lord! Is this the beginning of the end? For the sake of my child, please let this cup pass my by”

Oga Martins & His Kettle of Fishes continues next week…

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