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Oga Martins & His Kettle of Fishes 4.0 - Season's Finale

Oga Martins & His Kettle of Fishes 4.0 – Episode 8

Aisha was in the Kitchen when Solonzo came calling. Martins was reluctant to open the door for the intruder to gain access into his home, until he was left with no other choice. The banging had continued for more than three minutes before Martins finally yielded to pressure.

Solonzo had received intel that Martins was leaving town with his family. He had moved swiftly to stop Martins from double-crossing him. Locating Martins’ residence was not so much of a difficulty for Solonzo compared to gaining access to Martins’ apartment.

Martins had hidden himself in his bedroom whilst Solonzo banged on the door. Aisha had left the kitchen to find out what was going on when the banging became intense.

“Who wants to bring down our apartment”

Martins had to quickly leave his hiding place on hearing his wife’s voice. He ran into the living room to hush her and stop her from going to the door. “Sweetie, bring down your voice”

“Martins what’s the matter?”

“It’s him”



“How did he locate you? Or did you give him our address?”

“Of course not! He’s a criminal, they have their way around such things”

“So what are you going to do now, keep him out?”

The banging became louder, this time Solonzo added a threat. “Martins I know you are there, you had better open up this minute cause if I have to do it myself, it will be disastrous.”

“Martins you heard him. Please don’t make matters worse than it is already.”

“So, what would you have me do my lovely wife? Open our door to a stranger and an ex-convict?”

“Or watch you put our lives at risk?”Aisha added.

“Okay, fine. You win.”

“Wait a second Martins, haven’t you found the wallet?”

“Yes I have”

“And the international passport?”

“I’ve got that too”

“So what seems to be the problem Martins, why are you still avoiding him?”

“This is not about the wallet, it has never being. He gave me 48 hours and the deadline is not up yet. What on earth is he doing in our home?”

“Sweetheart there is only one way to find out and running away or hiding from that man is never going to be the best option.” Slowly, Martins walked towards the door to attend to the intruder. He quietly opened the door, as he stepped out to the veranda shutting the door behind.

Solonzo’s face had turned red with fury when Martins got to him. “Martins you are playing with fire. You seem to be underestimating me or is it that I didn’t do a proper introduction the day we met?”

“I’m sorry, I’ve been busy”

“Don’t you dare play smart with me, I know where you live now and that doesn’t look good.”

“What do you want from me? This was not part of the deal. You gave me 48 hours to find a wallet that has been lost since like forever and all of a sudden you show up in my home without prior notice.”

“Shut Up young man! You talk too much. I am Solonzo, I don’t need express permission to show up in anyone’s house, even if the person is the President.  A little bird told me you are planning on leaving town.”

“Me? Leave town to where? My whole life is here, to leave will be suicidal”

“Well, it’s not like your life will be any better if you remain here. I guess I got the wrong info then. Anyways the plans have changed, I need my international passport now. I need to leave the country ASAP. So, do you have it?”

“Yes I do. Give me a minute” Martins turned around to head back into the living room. However, Solonzo makes an attempt to walk into the apartment with Martins. “Please sir, I can’t let you in,” Solonzo smiles wryly. “And you think if I wanted to come in I will be needing your permission?”

“Yes I know, that was why I added please”

“You know you’ve kept me out here for too long already”

“I’m sorry sir, I promise to be out in a jiffy. It’s just to go in and get the wallet”

“Don’t make me wait longer than I have” Martins walked briskly into his living room where his wife had been moving around restlessly.

“How far?” Aisha asked frantically.

“He wants the wallet”

“Is that all?”

“Hopefully” Martins made way into the bedroom, moments later he comes out of the bedroom with the wallet. “I’ll be back”

“Be careful”


“That’s it,” he handed the wallet over to Solonzo.

Solonzo smiled wholeheartedly the moment Martins handed him the wallet. He opened the wallet to bring out his international passport. Then flips through the pages and heaves a sigh of relief, “still Valid.”

“Am I free to go now”

“Yes, I’m done with you for now. But now that I know where you stay, expect me around whenever I need your assistance”

“But sir, what will you be needing my assistance for? I have given you the only thing that connects us, so what else will we possibly want from each other”

“A lot dude, more than you can imagine.”

“But why?”

“What are you scared of Martins? You don’t want to be seen with a criminal? Tell me, were you in a relationship with Ada?”

“Hell no!”

“So how come she gave you my wallet?”

“She didn’t give me, I found it.”

“Indeed! We are not done here Martins.” Solonzo turned to leave, albeit he stops for a moment to share a vital piece of information. “Look, I know the role you played in the arrest of my squad members, directly or indirectly. And the only thing that saved you, is the recovery of this international passport or else you could have been dead meat by now. So you should be thanking your God that you are still alive.When I’m back from my trip, it will be time to reach your lover.”

“My lover?”

“Yes, the girl whose big mouth led to the arrest of my boys.”

“Ada was never my lover. Moreover she’s dead.”

Solonzo laughed cruelly at Martins. He walked up to him, towering above him. He placed a hand on his shoulder, staring hard at him. “It’s a pity you don’t realize how dangerous the game you are playing is. Stopping lying to yourself, I know Ada is still very much alive, and you are going to help me find her. But that is a matter for another day. Thanks for the international Passport.”Solonzo took some steps away from Martins as he finally turned to leave.

Martins stood transfixed to the spot, it just dawned on him that Solonzo’s interest in him was more complicated than he thought.

Oga Martins & His Kettle of Fishes continues next week…

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