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Oga Martins & His Kettle of Fishes 4.0 - Season's Finale

Oga Martins & His Kettle of Fishes 4.0 – Season’s Finale

All good things on earth must eventually come to an end, and the Oga Martins series is no different. It has been a long journey since the very day the idea for this epoch making series was conceived to the point we’ve reached today. 4 seasons with more than 80 episodes of riveting drama, with nerve wracking twists, suspense, intrigues and quality education was never going to be a walk in the park, therefore we are where we are today with our heads high and our shoulders raised. The first ever real estate fictional drama blog series started like a child’s play, albeit you would agree with me that what we have today is a masterpiece! Finally the Oga Martins series comes to a worthy end!

Having poured out our hearts about our Oga Martins series, I would be telling a lie if I say we would have still gotten this far without ‘you’ our esteemed readers. If you hadn’t kept faith with us till the very end of this roller coaster ride into the life and dealings of Oga Martins, this series would never have been a success. So to our esteemed readers, we say a big “THANK YOU”. Your comments and never ending views kept us going and got us this far

Guess what? A new series is in the offing, so keep this page bookmarked and be on the lookout.

Much love.


…And the Season’s finale begins after the cut.




Ada was lucky to still be alive having been on the run for several years. Thanks to her uncle, a commander in the Nigerian army, she would have been long dead. She had been away from friends and family for far too long just to cover her tracks and ensure her safety, and she had learned so much all the years she went AWOL. Now it was payback time for Solonzo and his suicide squad. It was time to leave her hiding place to confront her worst fears.

Solonzo had gradually become the most feared man of the under-world, he had friends in high places and was almost untouchable. He could get away with any crime as long as the crime was not against the no one citizen of the country. Worse still he had fortified himself with the most potent black magic from Togo, Benin Republic, Osun, Kwara and even as far as Taraba. And he paid homage to the several spiritualists that gave him the powers on a regular basis.

Solonzo had been on Ada’s trail since she escaped from the camp he had held her captive. He knew all along that Ada was alive somewhere in the country and was never going to buy that dummy sold by security forces that she was dead. Solonzo had now received adequate intel on Ada’s whereabouts and the coast was now clear to finish what he started. It was time to finally lay her to rest since everyone thought she was long dead. And there was a rapist he needed to protect from Police oppression too. In fact, Solonzo had his hands full.

Jamiu had come running to him when he learnt Police men were hot on his trail. He always knew Solonzo would provide him cover, though at a cost. Jamiu met Solonzo through Quadri, his drug partner some months back. He was initiated into the Suicide squad afterwards without Deji’s knowledge.

Deji on the other hand had fled his house even before words got out, he had a different plan. Solonzo was after him too because he never reached a compromise with the dare devil Robber and assassin.

Solonzo was preparing a hit on Ada at their usual spot and he had planned to go with his full arsenal because Ada was not alone. To bring down Ada, he has to take out the team of military personnels that had been assigned to her by her uncle, Colonel Offor. He had Quadri, also called AK-47, Skillachi the new guy, and Makanaki as the gun peddlers in his squad; Those guys always made sure the suicide squad never lacked ammunitions and were trained snipers who could shoot down a soldier ant 1500 metres away. Solonzo thought he had it all planned, albeit danger was lurking around the corner.


Deji never believed Martins when he informed him that Solonzo had insinuated that Ada was alive, but now that he was standing in front of Martins’ former boss, he knew he wasn’t seeing a ghost. Ada needed intel on Solonzo and Deji was her best berth. Though he was shocked to see Ada, what disturbed him more was seeing her in army camouflage.

“Sorry you were rough handled by my people” Ada apologized sternly the moment Deji was bundled in by Colonel Offor’s soldiers. Deji had been waylaid and pushed into a navy blue Peugeot 306 car, and later blindfolded as he was walking on a street around Lawanson armed with a bag, having fled Jamiu’s apartment

“So you are alive. I thought Martins was jonzing as usual”

“Martins thinks I’m alive?” Ada needed a confirmation after Deji’s revelation.

“Solonzo implied that you were”

“Of course. We’ve been following you lately Deji and we understand Solonzo has been trying hard to recruit you into his newly formed suicide squad”

“You know about that?”

“We know everything Tuga”


“Yes Tuga. Is that not the name he calls you”

“But…Ada what are you now? A military intelligence officer? Does that camo you are putting on mean you are now in the a soldier” Deji was forced to ask.

“Maybe, maybe not. That’s not why you are here Deji. We want you to lead us to Solonzo”

“And what makes you think I know where he is?”

“Well, we understand that your new room mate, Jamiu is with him as we speak, so we know you can lead us to him if you really want to”

“Ada, Solonzo is not such an easy prey, you can’t take him out like that”

“Yeah, not without a fight and we are prepared for that”

“Well you were assumed dead, so it won’t make a difference if you die now, but I’m not ready to die yet Ada”

Ada laughs treacherously at Deji’s comment, “Deji, either ways you will still die, don’t you think?”

“We all will someday”

“I am not promising anything Deji but I know one thing for sure. Solonzo is going six feet down in no time whether you lead me to him or not”

“And if I lead you to him what do I stand to gain?”

“Your life, you will be protected for life”

“And if I don’t?”

“We will let you walk away”

“Just like that?”

“Just like that. But when we get him I can’t guarantee your safety”

“Hmm…I see. I guess I know why you made the statement you made earlier now”

“What statement?”

“You said either ways I’m dead”

“Oh that!”

“It’s not going to be that easy Ada, blood will flow”

Do I look like I care? They think am dead remember. I don’t mind dying all over again, what difference does it make anyways? As long as I end Solonzo’s life, nothing else matters

“I see you are resolute”

“Yeah. No retreat, no surrender”

“Alright then, I will lead him to him.”


It was some minutes before midnight. Solonzo and his boys had concluded plans and intel on how to assassinate Ada and Colonel Offor the next day. They had it all worked out and were just waiting for the kill. Solonzo wasn’t wearing his spiritual apparels because he assumed he was done for the day. Solonzo and his newly inaugurated suicide squad were gearing up for their first major official assignment which was also going to coincide with the personal vendetta he had against Ada.

Colonel Offor had been targeted for assassination by his major rival in the military, Colonel Usman, but it wasn’t Usman who contacted the suicide squad. It was actually his friend and major financier of the suicide squad, the country’s NSA, Retired General Pamtam. Solonzo had been mandated to swell his ranks to at least 40 members before his major assignment began, and at the moment he only had 10 members. Albeit all that would not matter anymore because Ada and Colonel Offor were coming for them already.

They came at them like rapture, they weren’t even armed when they struck. It was a killer squad of just five soldiers, including Ada. Jamiu was the first to be eliminated and one after the other the members of the newly inaugurated suicide squad except their ring leader Solonzo were summarily executed. Solonzo had made a run for it immediately he noticed their presence but had been swiftly followed by Ada. As Ada closed up on him, she shot him on the leg before he could get his Ak 47. Solonzo fell hard on the ground of the uncompleted building where the squad usually sought refuge before a hit.

“How are the mighty fallen! You thought you were invincible huh!”

“I can see you’ve grown wings Ada”

“You never saw it coming right?”

“It was Deji right? Deji gave me away again?”

“You should have taken him out when you had the chance”

“Yeah I should have. It was a wrong move.”

“A wrong move you will never live to regret,” she shot him again, this time on the arm.”

“arrghhhh!” Solonzo screamed out loud as he groaned in pain.

“You thought you could eat your cake and have it by keeping him alive till you were done with him. You forget time waits for no man”

“Time indeed waits for no man. To think I was planning a hit on you and your uncle tomorrow…” Solonzo stuttered badly as he tried to get the words out. The cloth he wore was soaked in blood already

“Oh, wow! Too bad we got you first” Ada pretended she wasn’t privy to the information. Though she wasn’t fully aware of the actual day for the hit, Colonel Offor had received intel it was going to happen soon.

“You should win an award for this. All those years in solitary…I see how much you’ve grown up. But it still doesn’t change the fact that I had you to myself for a whole week until you escaped. I did every imaginable things to your body and each time I remember, I wonder what is really left of you beneath that camo. Don’t you feel rot from within?” Solonzo taunted Ada whilst still in pains from the gunshot wound

Ada fired three point blank shots at Solonzo in quick successions in response. Before long, Solonzo’s head sprewed the contents of his brain on the dusty floor of the uncompleted building. The hit man finally breathe his last! While she watched on, Ada’s face wore a countenance of anguish laced with victory


“Martins your wife has just being delivered of a bouncing baby boy,” Martins could not curtail his joy when the doctor broke the news to him 2 days earlier whilst he waited at the hospital lobby. Martins replayed the events leading to his wife’s safe delivery as he drove to the hospital to pick up his wife and baby who were just being discharged. Martins couldn’t wait to have them around. He parked his car at the hospital’s parking and immediately darted into the reception leaving his car keys in the keyhole.

In no time he was out with Aisha and their baby. On reaching the car, Martins noticed a parcel in gift form in the back seat. He was shocked and was going to raise an alarm when he realized he had left his car keys in the key hole.

“This is strange!”

“What is the matter Martins?” Aisha was beginning to get agitated.

“Someone dropped a gift in my car”

“How? You didn’t lock it?”

“No I didn’t”

“Oh my God! Martins how can you be that careless”

Martins opened the door to the back seat to check out the parcel

“Martins!!!” Aisha screamed out loud in an attempt to stop her husband from making what she thought was a bad move. This threw him off balance.


“What are you doing?”

“Shouldn’t I confirm what it is about?”

“What if it’s a bomb”

“Baby it’s pampers, I can view it clearly now. Why should it be a bomb when we are not in Chibok”

“You can’t be too sure o! Moreover, why did the person drop it in the car without out knowledge?”

“Maybe to stay anonymous”

“And why would he want to? How did the person even know the car would be open?”

“I honestly can’t figure that out. Probably the person wants to surprise us,” Martins drew closer to the gift-parcel and finally summoned courage to hold it in his hands. “There’s a card. Oh my God!”

“What is it Martins?”

“She’s alive”

“Who is?”


“Which Ada?” Martins was going to respond to his wife’s question when a 2009 Toyota Matrix car drove up to where their car was parked. In the driver’s seat was Ada. She wore dark specs and was dressed in her camo outfit.

“Congratulations Mr and Mrs Martins,” Ada immediately drove off, having made certain the couple noticed her

“Did I see a ghost?” A shocked Aisha finally found her voice several seconds after Ada had driven off.

Aisha’s breathing instantly became irregular. She held on to her baby tightly like he had become a trophy she couldn’t relinquish, “Martins you knew all along?”

“Just got to know recently”

Oh God! Am I dreaming? Ada Offor is alive!

The End!

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