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Oga Martins & His Kettle of Fishes 4.0 - Season's Finale

Oga Martins & His Kettle of Fishes – Episode 16

Martins had hoped he would come to a compromise with Mr.Okafor when they had a tete a tete at the choice restaurant in Ikeja GRA. However, the outcome of the meeting only proved he had made the right decision when he walked away from his job as caretaker of Mr. Okafor’s residential rental property.

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The meeting between Mr.Okafor and Martins at Jevinik had ended in a stalemate. The duo had agreed and disagreed on several issues bordering  the property at 5, Otolorin Street, Lawanson and never really reached a consensus. Martins had given Mr. Okafor some conditions the latter must meet with it if he was going to resume work as caretaker of the residential rental building.

Albeit the matter that came on the front burner was in relation to Runo, Martins favourite tenant whilst he was caretaker. He needed Mr.Okafor to fulfill the promises the they made to Runo following the destruction of her most prized possession when a thunderstorm pulled out the roof of her building  unto her car.

It was Runo’s matter that exhumed the rage inside Mr. Okafor. The landlord who was known to be a short fuse man wasn’t finding Martins’ attempt at fighting for what was just for that particular tenant funny. He felt there was more to his plea for Runo. He even went further to accuse Martins of having an affair with Runo for him to be championing the pretty model’s cause when according there were much more burning issues in 5, Otolorin Street, Lawanson to contend with. Martins had walked out on him at the end of it all; not like there was exactly an end to the meeting though. Martins even left his meal of Pounded Yam and Afam soup almost untouched.


It was a serene Saturday at 5, Otolorin Street, Lawanson, one that the occupants of the residential rental property had not experienced since the departure of Oga Martins. Uju and Nneka were still very much fast asleep after their club outings the previous night. Jamiu and Sylvanus too had gone out clubbing as had been the custom every Friday night. So, the tranquil in the compound was not that the compound was experiencing new beginnings or a breath of fresh air but because the main trouble shooters of the compound were having their siesta. If they were awake, the atmosphere would have been so charged up that serenity would have no safe haven there.

Runo on the other hand did not spend the night in the compound. She was returning home from a movie location nearby where she had a cameo appearance in another of Kunle Afolayan’s thought provoking feature films when her beautiful eyes caught that of a tall young man who was handsome in a rugged way. The man was walking towards the compound just as Runo was about taking the free pass way end of the fence leading to the compound.

Their lustful gazes lingered until a strange movement in the unwanted grasses just around the trenches drew Runo’s attention. She suddenly stopped on her tracks. She had seen what looked like a snake making a whiplash movement, and in a flash, a huge stick thumped on the head and body of the snake in quick succession. It was caught between trying to recoil and retreat to its hiding place or throwing out its full body weight to defend itself.

“Mummy!” Runo screamed in fear as she ran behind the ruggedly handsome young man that had caught her fancy earlier. He was now the intruding snake’s worst nightmare. Another quick succession of cruel blows from the stick he held silenced the snake forever, sending its soul to purgatory.

The stranger heaved a sigh of relief while Runo held him tightly from behind like he was her Siamese twin. The young man felt good with Runo’s touch. “Just like the good old days”, he thought. The sight and touch of the pretty Runo suddenly made him realize how much he had lost touch with reality. Being away from the world for four years felt like eternity. He closed his eyes, savouring the moment. He didn’t even bother to duly inform the young lady whose perfectly chiseled body still lingered around his that the coast was clear for her to go into her compound.

Runo’s physique reminded him of Aisha during their undergraduate days in Ibadan though Runo appeared way prettier. “Did you kill it?” A terrified Runo asked in between deep breaths while peeping behind the tall frame of her human shield.

“Its dead. You want to have a good view of what a dead snake looks like?” He advanced forward to carry the snake in its temporary resting place among the trenches with the weapon he had murdered it with.

“Please don’t!” Runo cried out loud in protest as she pulled him back

“Whoa. Babe are you usually like this?”

“Like what?”

“The fear exuding from  you scares the living daylights out of me.” Runo’s hero said in response to her question as he lifted the snake away from her sight with the stick than had the dead snake’s blood and juices on it. Runo immediately seized the opportunity to run into the compound like a hen that was being chased by a cock.

“Hey! Are you just gonna run off like that? I don’t even know your name.” The young man’s protest fell on deaf ears. There was only one thing on Runo’s mind; getting into her apartment as fast as her legs could take her.

“And I was going to collect her contact oh! How will a pretty babe like that pass me by? Anyways, I suppose she stays in this compound. I can always get to her whenever I’ready.” He thought aloud

He pulledout his phone from his pocket to call Jamiu. “Baba, how far now? Abeg I dey outside your compound oh”

“Enter now” A croaky sleepy voice from the other end responded

“Baba I no know your crib naa”

“Okay, ah go send person.” The snake killer had not ended the call when a golf 5 car stopped behind him

Tuga! The young man was shocked at the mention of that nickname. Only one person called him that and by his calculations that person should be dead. He turned around to confirm his worst fears. Yes! It was him. He looked like he was back from the dead. But how? His lips formed the words yet too confused to voice it out

Solonzo! I thought you were held by the men in black? How…?  The Police had lied to him now he knew his life was in danger.


Oga Martins & His Kettle of Fishes continues next week…

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