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Oga Martins & His Kettle of Fishes 4.0 - Season's Finale

Oga Martins & His Kettle of Fishes – Episode 17

Aisha was five months gone before she realized she was going to have a baby. The whole matter left Martins utterly confused.  “How could she have been carrying a pregnancy for five months and yet not know? What is Aisha hiding from me? She doesn’t even seem to be happy with the turn of events.” Martins thoughts ran to places even the devil won’t dare tread. He needed answers to the barrage of questions, yet he wouldn’t summon courage to confront his wife.

I’ll bet Martins is the only Nigerian Man on earth that will book an appointment with a Gynaecologist with no complaint whatsoever of any ailment. He even had to take the day off to honour an appointment that was solely his initiative, and to make matter worse, Aisha had no knowledge of it.

Driving down to St Benedict Hospital at Lekki was not always going to be a walk in the park not even when he chose the wrong time for it. He wondered why his wife made the hospital her preference after the death of Olaoluwa. It was 10 a.m on a Tuesday when Martins drove into the hospital parking lot. As Martins walked into the hospital, he was shocked at what he saw. The convergence of patients at the lobby felt like the hospital was answering to a distress call and needed all hands on deck.

Staring at the faces of the patients at the reception and the wards close to the lobby was like looking into a white wall of space. Seeing the several eyes that followed Martins as he walked passed the lobby, one would think the patients had finally encountered their Messiah. For a moment, Martins thought he was the only healthy person in the hospital, asides the nurses on duty. In his mind’s eye, he could see himself walking on palm fronds as he made his triumphant entry, riding on the back of a horse just as Christ did in Jerusalem centuries ago. Martins could even imagine the patients struggling to touch the hem of his pants. Seeing the despair on their faces which throbbed at his heart, he wished he could heal them of their disease, but he wasn’t Jesus. With the crowd that thronged the hospital, Martins was sure he wouldn’t meet Dr. Ephraim on seat. However, luckily for him the young man was in his office when Martins knocked at his door.


Aisha had a phobia for white buildings, especially those that had personnels dressed in white uniforms. That fear had been in her since her early days as a growing child and never left her even in adulthood. She always had goose pimples whenever she was in a hospital and the aftermath of it was sleepless nights.

Aisha as an adult despised the fact that a visit to the hospital was not only long but very boring, and she had no iota of fondness for boredom. She was feeling funny at work and had called a matron in the hospital to confirm the availability of Dr. Ephraim, when she couldn’t reach him on phone.

After the death of Olaoluwa , she had only visited the hospital once, the other being an emergency call. And all that visit reminded her of was the aching in her stomach, the treacherous thuds in her heart and the tears from the pains of childbirth mingled with nervous sweats that broke on her face, as her baby forced his way out of her womb to mother earth.

Aisha was seriously hoping for a replacement to the sorrow of losing a baby after a hard time in the labour room with that pregnancy. She was resolute to report to Dr. Ephraim anytime she didn’t feel so good in the course of her pregnancy, and not even her phobia for hospitals will stop her. Hence, she took time off work to give the young Doctor a courtesy call. Albeit, unknown to Aisha, Martins picked the same time for his secret appointment with the gynaecologist.


“Good morning Doctor”

“Good Morning Mr Martins! How are you this morning?”

“Very fine, and you?”

“Getting prepared to tackle today’s schedule headlong”

“Of course. I’m even surprised you are still in the office. Saw a good number of patients at the reception. Is there an epidemic?”  Dr. Ephraim roared with laughter

“You are a joker Mr. Martins. We do get that a times”

“Atimes ? That crowd? Or did the Ambode shut down other hospitals on the Island?”

“Mr. Martins, again you are putting your sense of humour on display. You are kidding me right?”

“Kidding ke? What I saw before I stepped into your office was reality staring at my face but what you hear is humour.”

“I get your point Mr. Martins, but trust me, that happens occasionally here. How’s Madam and the unborn child?”

“They are good.”

“And yourself? Hope you are in good health?”

“I’m fine Doc.”

“Good. So, what brings you to our domain?”

“It’s about my wife?” Martins suddenly began to talk in low tones.

“What about?”

“I’m confused Doctor.”


“The pregnancy….How come she was not aware of it all along? How is that possible?”

Martins’ inquests threw Dr.Ephraim off balance “Mr. Martins, is that why you came all the way?”

“Isn’t it enough to?”

“We could have just spoken about this on phone now”

“No, I also came for a routine check up. So, I thought it wise to just kill two birds with a stone”

“But you could have talked to your wife about this. I already explained to her why it took her so long to realize she had been pregnant.” Martins heaved a sigh of relief at the Doctor’s revelation. It was like a huge load had been lifted off him. The Doctor on the other hand was disappointed at him

“You thought she was hiding it from you? Haba Mr. Martins, it’s a condition called Cryptic Pregnancy. It happens to 1 out of 400 women. Some don’t even know till they go into labour”

“Wow!” An abrupt knock on the door brought their conversation to a halt. The door knob turned anti-clockwisely as Aisha made her way into the office.

“Martins! What are you doing here?” The sight of the intruder instantly brought Martins to his feet.

“Aisha! You didn’t tell me you were coming here today. Doctor?” He gave Dr.Ephraim a questioning look, who in turn takes a quick glance at Aisha

“I have no prior knowledge of any appointment”

“Excuse me? Gentlemen, is there something you are not telling me?” She made long strides towards them as Martins’ heart beats faster. “Okay, Martins sit down and let’s get down with this”

Martins slowly sunk his butt into the chair. He knew this time it wasn’t going to be Aisha answering questions, he was going to be the one on the hot seat for having a misconception about the pregnancy when all he could have done was have a tete a tete with his wife. The silence in the room was deafening, for all Martins could hear was the pulsating beats of his heart as his lips tried to form words.


Oga Martins & His Kettle of Fishes continues next week…

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