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Governor Ibikunle Amosun

Ogun state to compensate demolished buildings owners

The Ogun State Government has said that over 80 per cent of the structures demolished to pave the way for the construction of standard roads being constructed across the length and breadth of the state do not have title documents.

The Permanent Secretary, Ogun State Ministry of Works and Infrastructure, Mr. Kayode Ademolake, who stated this in a statement issued by the ministry’s Public Relations Officer, Mr. Ayokunle Ewuoso, said the governor in his magnanimity had directed that owners of such demolished buildings should be compensated.

Ademolake said, “You know the nature of the governor. He is a kind of person that wants to be fair to everybody. We are conscious of the fact that those structures are physically on ground there and we know that in those days, there were no documents and the government knows that following official procedures will result to throwing families into difficult conditions. It is better that once we find a structure on ground, according to the governor’s instruction, the owners should be compensated.

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“More than 80 per cent of those that fell into this category have no building approvals. Many of these buildings have been constructed over 80 to 100 years ago; so, once we get there and capture them pictorially, we will give them number and immediately call in valuers to evaluate the properties and the owners are compensated accordingly.”

While disclosing that the process of compensation was on, Ademolake added, “The issue of compensation is fractional. It is in different stages. Some were not compensated monetarily for their houses but have their houses repaired for them by the government.

“Mostly along these roads when you see houses with green roofs; that is a sign that these houses were reconstructed by the government. The second category were the people that were compensated monetarily”

The permanent secretary pointed out that all roads being constructed in the state had stipulated time of completion, assuring that they would be completed in the record time barring all odds.

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