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Residents fault Lagos over unlawful takeover of their landed property

Kashowun family calls on Police commissioner over land grabbers

“Members of the Kashowun family of Iponyin-Ade village in Sagamu Local Government Area of Ogun State have called on the Ogun Sate Commissioner of Police, Mr Iliyasu Ahmed, to come to their rescue over the activities of land speculators and land grabbers who have constituted a threat to lives and properties in the village.”- The Nation

In a petition dated Monday, July 24, 2017 and signed by the solicitor to the family, Mr Oluwaseun Sokunbi, on behalf of Chief Sikiru Olagunju Kafusanwo, head of the Kashowun royal family, it is stated that the activities of the land grabbers led by a self-styled traditional ruler in the village had thrown the entire community into panic and apprehension.

Sokunbi said the self-styled ruler in the village “is a trespasser, land grabber and land speculator on the land of the Kashowun royal family of Iponyin Ade village, Sagamu axis of Ogun State who with the hoodlums he brought to the village had been molesting innocent girls and housewives of the community with impunity.”

According to him, various complaints and petitions lodged with the various police stations against the petitioned had yielded no positive result as the activities of the hoodlums in terrorizing the family members continued unabated.

The solicitor to the family said the petitioned kept telling “our client’s family members that if they failed to leave the community for them, they would be maimed one by one and keeping to their promises, our client’s family members had been dealt with on many occasions by the dangerously looking hoodlums in the village with impunity.

Sokunbi noted that the situation got to a point that the entire community and family members were cowed to submission as the petitioned had defied all traditional history and family ruling house by installing and appointing chiefs and other chieftains in the entire community threatening fire and brimstone over any complaints from the family members opposing his choice of candidates.

The petitioner noted that the last straw that broke the camel’s back was the sale of the family’s landed property by the “self-styled village head” without remitting a penny to the land-owning family of the entire Ipoyin-Ade village and community.

Sokunbi pointed out that the family under the leadership of Chief Sikiru Olagunju Kafusanwo “is a peace-loving family that will not engage in any act that would cause a breach of peace, hence we decided to petition the Ogun State Commissioner of Police.

In the light of this, we appeal to your good office to wade into this matter before it gets out of hand by checking the petitioned to limit his claims within the purview of the law by channelling their cause through the legal means rather than engaging vagabonds who brandish rifles and automatic pump action guns freely to waylay people in the community,” he said.

 Source: The Nation

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