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Why Property Search Sites In Nigeria Have Come To Stay

There was a time when property search sites never existed,when the rigours of finding a house to buy or rent was worse than undergoing a housing project. The stress that comes with it was so discouraging that you may be tempted to put an end to the whole charade of finding a home to live. In this article, we take a look at Naija’s online real estate agents that has made home shopping easy and convenient for the internet savvy populace.

The development and expansion of the Internet sector, particularly the role of search engines in distributing and disseminating information on the Internet has made us all forget that there was once a time and era when such was alien to us.

Search engine accessibility and online advertisement do come handy these days. Not with the availability of data anywhere you go, no matter how small. As long as you have an internet friendly mobile phone and small cash on the phone, you are good to go.

Over the past decade, our world, and particularly the world of house hunters has become increasingly digital. Consumers are going online at a rapid pace to look for information to support their buying decisions. They watch “how-to” videos on YouTube, they read review sites, they look up specific brands on search engines, and even research on the go with their smartphones and tablets.

Gone are the days when you have to visit a cyber café to browse the internet. These days, cyber cafes are gradually going into extinction as they are now strictly business centres.

With the creation and evolution of search engines as well as the methods used to collect, organize, looking for somewhere new to stay has become a walk in the park. You don’t have to spend your life’s savings trying to find a place to live.

The advent of search engines and search sites have allowed online information, Individuals and corporate bodies now do business at ease.

Modern home shoppers continue to benefit immensely from our digital age so much that they must think it’s always being this way. I remember the first time I had to rent a house, it took me almost a full semester to find a worthy place and at the end of the day I settled for a place that wasn’t worth my efforts.

Though finding a property to rent online is still not widely en vogue in Nigeria, it has become commonplace in developed countries.  However, some property search sites in Nigeria are gaining good grounds in that aspect. Sites such as;







However, no matter how good something is, there are always disadvantages. One disservice property search sites have done is by gradually taking real estate agents off the market; The more the property search sites online the less the agents.

Property search sites ensure that you can sell, buy and even rent a house without going through an agent, whereas in the past, agents were responsible for such.

Real estate buyers today spend a lot of time doing online research on a property they either want to buy or rent. Why would anyone want to go through the stress of roaming around the streets of Lagos in search of a house or property when with property search sites, your dream home is just a click away.

Here are some of the top property search sites in Nigeria in no particular order:












And, below are some of the world’s best property search sites:










Indeed property search sites have come to stay, as they continue to increase with reckless abandon.

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