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How to make millions as an agent even if you know little about real estate

There is this notion that real estate agents are hustlers who feed from hand to mouth…could it be true?

I will tell you one thing; everyone hustles to make ends meet one way or the other. Albeit, feeding from hand to mouth is more a mindset than attributing it to any profession on earth talk less real estate agency.

I have made good money from selling properties and I know tens of people who have and are doing the same. I sold my first property and got paid good commission even before my business was registered way back in 2005.

People who view real estate agents as paupers are those who have no inkling of what real estate entails. Incase no one has ever told you, there is a huge goldmine inherent in the real estate sector, it’s only left for you to identify where you can mine that gold.

The few or many as the case may be who feed from hand to mouth in the profession are those who are yet to discover where the goldmine is located and there are others who finally stumble on it but don’t know how to go about mining.

Whether you like it or nay, you can rake in millions as a real estate agent on a yearly basis. Yes! no jokes here, it is certainly what it is.

Enough of the motivational talk, let’s get in tune with reality.

This is Introducing RISA; a platform that can make you a boss with no one to report to but yourself.

With RISA you can now enjoy that life you only get a glimpse of in your endless dreams by selling real properties and the intriguing part is that you necessarily don’t have to have prior knowledge of real estate to rake in your millions.

You can imagine having to wake up at odd hours of the morning with a smile lit on your face not just because you are your own boss but also that the bank alerts get your phone pretty busy than MTN would with their numerous messages asking you to subscribe to one stuff or the other.

That is the kind of life dreams are made of!

If these are your dreams; then think no farther than RISA to unlock those dreams and make them an everyday reality!

RISA is the brainchild of Realty Point Limited launched in November 2017 to an independent way for  estate agents to sell the Company’s products and services and earn commission doing most of the processing electronically. With RISA, you earn on your direct efforts and can also earn on referrals

The initiative is a combination of over a decade of experience and lessons learnt from previous models.

Because we see you as team members we like to make sure that all our agents benefit immensely whilst working with us, hence our reason for offering a ceiling-high competitive commission rate. This ensures that you earn the money you deserve.

Even if you don’t know how to really sell or you no next to nothing about Real Estate, there are experts on the spot who are eager to show you how you can get started in your real estate business by the start of next week.

What’s more?

The Nigerian real estate sector is one that enjoys heavy investments and the figure keeps increasing as the years roll by.

Hence, we will provide proof from amidst us of how people without special skills or qualifications are making millions yearly from the sector and show you how you can earn same or much more if you are willing to get started.

By joining RISA, you would be setting yourself in pole position to enjoy the benefits of these investments and the sale commission that accompanies it.

But that’s not all

Here are four excellent reasons why you should join our team without a second thought:

Working on the RISA platform allows you to set your own schedule and work  whenever you want.

We love that we can enlist people with absolutely no geographical limits and provide a great working environment.

Our platform also allows you to work part-time or full time as your schedule permits.

With RISA, you’ll work for yourself and ultimately set the pace at which you’re willing to work. You’re essentially your own boss. You’ll get to work without interruption or distractions from anyone.

  • Ease of payment

Agents who work with us can earn millions literally on a single transaction and have the commission paid to their bank account the very next minute the trasaction is booked.

The ease with which agents make withdrawals and receive their commissions is a very unique feature on RISA.

On the platform, you get payment as soon as you conclude your sales and your client’s payment has been confirmed.There is no unnecessary prolonged payment procedure or stress involved.

From your dashboard on the platform you will be able to see the progression of your earnings at every point and make withdrawals to your Bank account directly.

You see how easy it is?

  • Supplement your insufficient income

Joining RISA is a great way to supplement your income and become sufficient enough to foot your monthly bills whilst still retaining extra for contingencies.

A huge percentage of agents on our platform work part-time and smile to the bank everyday.

RISA also allows you to transit from working part-time to working fulltime and solely on your own. RISA is the reason why a number of our Agents who used to be employees are now self employed and bosses in their own right.

With the way the model works, the only person that determines your monthly cash-outs is YOU. If you devote more time, it ultimately means you will be making more sales and money on a monthly basis.

  • We support you every step of the way

As facilitators of the platform, we offer quality support to you at every turn so that you can meet your personal goals. RISA organizes weekly and monthly trainings where you will be equipped with latest market knowledge and trends.

When you join, materials and various other sales collateral that may be needed in the course of your everyday work will also be made available to you.

Do you have questions about the initiative? Please click visit risa.realtypointltd.com to find out more. You can as well call this number for further enquiries; 08093930651

Albeit, if all that’s been state here is clear enough and you are interested in being part of the team or you’d like to register right away, please click here

We look forward to hearing from you.

To join now, click here

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