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6 Reasons Why Properties In Lagos are So Expensive

6 Reasons Why Properties are Expensive In Lagos

Have you ever wondered or been involved in a conversation about why properties are so expensive in Lagos, unlike other cities in the country? What answers did you come up with? If you have, then you are not alone as the rising cost of property in Lagos has remained a topical issue in Lagos over the years. What makes this ...

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The Underrated Importance Of Patience In Real Estate Investing

patience in real estate transactions

Although quite rare, patience is a crucial ingredient in the secret sauce of in successful real estate moguls. If you are to become successful in your real estate transactions, then patience is a virtue you have to painstakingly teach yourself. We all know that get-rich-quick schemes rarely pan out, but somehow, we still hope that we’re the exception to the ...

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Approaches To Buying Property: Private Lender Approach

Private Lender

You may find yourself asking if there can be other ways of buying property apart from the conventional way we all know. As is common, I would usually lace a lot of presentations and approaches with practical experiences that we’ve had as a company or that I know that other people, associates, or friends that we know in the industry ...

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Real Estate Courses: The Key to Eroding Quackery in the Industry

Real Estate Courses

Real estate courses are the solution to overcoming quack challenges in the real estate industry. Quacks exist everywhere. They are untrained persons, with claim to have the knowledge to deliver on a particular project or business deal. Yes, they may have worked for years and seem to have some know-how about the field of choice, but without going through adequate ...

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8 Things Every Bachelor Apartment Needs 


It is probably just an African man thing, but the interior of a bachelor apartment is rarely organised and furnished as you would expect. If there is an apartment you will visit without high expectation as regards the arrangement of furniture, items and personal effects in the apartment then that house has to be owned by a bachelor. It’s a ...

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Expert Opinion: The Relevance of a Survey Plan In Nigeria  

survey plan

Some people like to ask ‘what exactly is the relevance of a survey plan?’. A survey plan’s primary purpose is to prove the identity of a land which comes handy when a dispute ensues. A survey plan becomes of utmost importance for any success to be attained in any land suit. A plaintiff seeking for declaration of title to land ...

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How To Carve a Niche In Real Estate & Stay In-Demand

How To Carve a Niche In Real Estate & Stay In-Demand

The real estate sector is a highly competitive sector. Breaking into it is difficult, to say the least. In fact, it’s commonly shared that 87% of new real estate agents fail within the first five years. The reason? Most new real estate agents don’t make the sort of income they need or want in order to continue in the business. While real ...

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