MONDAY- 05/08/13

Entered the office around 7:58am, wrote my weekly report and proceeded for management meeting, was given a target to sell 2 properties in a month, we discussed our major challenges. As an agent my major challenge is how to distinguish between the serious Clients/Agents and the Time/Resources Wasters.  After the meeting,  I drove off for inspection at Ikeja GRA and surprisingly a client wanted to pay 1million naira per annum for a duplex in Ikeja GRA. Haba! Has the property market gotten that bad?

I encouraged the man to look at options in other locations like Mende Maryland, Ogba and Ojodu. He said he will think about it. From there I went to pick up a cheque from a client who took our 3 bedroom flat at Ogba. Back to the office to prepare and send out “for sale flyers” on some of the properties we are marketing. Whew!

TUESDAY  – 06/08/13

Went to meet one of our tenants who wants to buy and develop properties in Lekki phase 1 . I had to wait for 30minutes before he came out, I made my presentations on some parcel of land available and entertained questions from their  team of Architects, Accountants and the Client.

They were interested in one of the parcels measuring one and half acres. The issues raised were adequately addressed except for those that require confirmation from the statutory body.  I promised them to go to Lagos State Government Directorate to ascertain the correct position as to the number of floors permissible, the particular use of the subject property and the type of design permissible. We rescheduled for Friday 2pm.

I put a call to our Planning Consultant and we agreed to go to Alausa tomorrow by 9am. I have to do all within my power to satisfy them, as they are comfortable with the price. I am tempted to calculate our professional fees even before the transaction is concluded. God help me!

Drove back to the office and replied some of my mails that needs urgent attention and wrote some letters of offer and replied counter offers. Left the office by 7pm.

WEDNESDAY – 07/08/13

Woke up by 7am, so refreshed and set out for Anthony village, picked our Planning Consultant and proceeded to Alausa. We got there and started our enquires from one Government Directorate to the other, it took us Six (6) hours to get what we wanted.

Took ourselves for lunch, dropped the Consultant at his office around 4pm and proceeded for house showing at Omole Phase1, the client did not show up till around 5:30pm,did the inspection and the man wanted to write a cheque immediately but I stopped him and told him that our office had to do our due diligence  before accepting the cheque. I promised to write him by tomorrow and if he could provide two guarantors we would give him possession of the flat by Friday.

THURSDAY- 08/08/13

Began inspections at 7:30am and ended around 2:30pm. Today was very busy, I remembered that I am yet to eat anything since morning, headed to the restaurant to eat brunch.

Back to the office, started attending to requests by calling my colleagues to see if they have some to meet our Clients need. Read through property magazines and checked out this property website www.findnigeriaproperty.com from where I got so many options to show our clients.

FRIDAY- 09/08/13

Received letter of appointment to market a high rise building in Victoria Island. Called a meeting of all Marketers and Agents in the office to develop our strategies for effective marketing of same.

Headed for meeting with one of our tenants who wanted land to build and develop at Lekki. Got there around 1:55pm and meeting began around 2pm.

I presented my findings from the Lagos State Directorate to them and they seem to be okay with it.

God help us, we must conclude this deal. Lunch after the meeting was tempting but I had other meetings to attend. Had to do take away lunch and enjoyed the fried rice plus roasted chicken while driving.

Got home on time after my meeting. T.G.I.F.

Please feel free to share your own experiences of the Lagos hustle with me. Thanks.


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