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Real estate firm empowers youth with partnership scheme

Real estate firm empowers youth with partnership scheme

Poised to empower young Nigerians in creating wealth and bridging the widening rate of unemployment, a real estate development company, Alpha Mead Development Company (AMDC), a subsidiary of Alpha Mead Group, has re-launched its youth empowerment programme in Lagos known as the 5Star Partners. The programme is a sales network initiated for real estate professionals, who are tired of doing things in the conventional way and want to stand out in the marketplace by trying out new ideas in their day to day business transactions.

The event, which offered new real estate consultants opportunity to sign up to the 5 Star Partners programme, having met the desired requirements, provides firms the opportunity to reward its best performing sales consultant of the year with a car.

“Beyond providing housing solutions to meet the needs of middle income Nigerians, we are also very keen on empowering and helping young Nigerians create wealth,” Femi Akintunde, Group Managing Director, Alpha Mead said at the forum.

Akintunde further noted that as real estate developers look to respond to improving macroeconomic indices by exciting the market with new projects, it has become imperative to create opportunities like this to begin to inculcate the culture of Real Estate investment in young Nigerians. “It is clear to everyone that Real Estate is one of the most sustainable investments anyone can do. But most Nigerian youth today can hardly afford to do that investment. So what we have done is to create this vehicle called the 5Star Partners to help this young Nigerians build equity to own their own land or home”, he said.

According to the Executive Director, Real Estate Development of Alpha Mead, Damola Akindolire, “What this programme does is to set milestone sales target for the 5star Agents where they earn attractive commission on every sale they make and build equity with us to own their own home. Example of this is what you have seen here today, where we just presented a car to Kelechi Nwaorgu, who signed on to the programme six months ago. Let me quickly add that this car prize has nothing to do with Kelechi’s commission. He keeps earning his commission while we help him build equity to drive home this car today”, he added.

Congratulating Kelechi, the General Manager, Sales and Marketing of the company; Tola Agagunna, commended Nwaorgu for his dedication, hard work and commitment to the AMDC brand. She urged sales consultants to emulate Nwaorgu’s marketing tact and approach and enjoined others consultants to take the opportunities to create wealth for themselves.

Credit: The Guardian

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