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Sack your landlord contest

Sack Your Landlord Essay Competition 2017 Winners List

The Sack Your Landlord Essay Competition 2017 has come to an end and three winners have emerged. The competition which is in its third edition was keenly contested this year, with each of the final ten entries worthy of winning the competition.

The contest was rated on two levels; judges score and public votes. The judges score accounted for 40% of the entire score, while public votes made up the other 60%. After three weeks of this competition, here is the final result according to how they ranked:


THE HOUSE ON CHURCH STREET by Adeyemi-Bisileko Gboyega

Judges: 34.6
Votes: (6700) 19.76
Total: 54.36%

BAD MARKET by Chris Ahanonu

Judges: 35
Votes: (6416) 18.92
Total: 53.92%

SHADOWS & GHOST by Susan Johnson

Judges: 37.6
Votes: (2768) 8.16
Total: 45.76%

DEAR LANDLORD by Uchechi Princewill

Judges: 34
Votes: (2470) 7.29
Total: 41.29%

LANDLORD, FRIEND & FATHER by Olarinde Samuel

Judges: 35
Votes: (464) 1.37
Total: 36.37%

No. 4 BANANA STREET by Gideon Chukwuemeka

Judges: 35.3
Votes: (359) 1.06
Total: 36.36%

THAT NIGHT by Ayodeji Isaac

Judges: 34.3
Votes: (445) 1.31
Total: 35.61%


Judges: 34
Votes: (412) 1.22
Total: 35.22%

VILE LITTLE TOWN by Jeff Ugochukwu Emmanuel

Judges: 34.6%
Votes: (206) 0.61%
Total: 35.21%

THE DAY I SAW MY MUM CRY by Marline Oluchi

Judges: 34.3%
Votes: (102) 0.30%
Total: 34.6%


By virtue of the result above, the winners of Sack Your Landlord Essay Competition 2017 are Adeyemi Bisileko Gboyega, Chris Ahanonu and Susan Johnson. 

They will be awarded on Wednesday, May 23 2017.


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