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#ShelterMatters – When you build your house, will you accommodate tenants?

Being your own landlord has got to be one of your long-term goals or maybe not. Today’s shelter matter is targeted at young lads and the plans they have for their homes when they eventually build or buy one.


The agreements and disagreements between landlords and tenants have directly or indirectly shaped our perception and decision towards our own houses as regards measures to be taken in other to ensure proper maintenance of the facility.


One of the informed or affected decisions would be deciding to or not to have tenants in our properties. As much as this involves more of the younger generation, we asked across board and here are the answers given by people and also the reason behind their decision.


QUESTION – would you want to have tenants when you build your own house? Why?


Oreoluwa ( A student of Unilag ) – “my decision would depend on how big a land I get to buy. If the space is enough for me to build something in a way that I don’t necessarily have to see them from time to time, then no problem, but if small, I won’t want to have a tenant. Reason being that human beings are just difficult to tame.”


Mr. Adewale – “I would definitely want to have tenants, its additional income for me”


John Egbuta – “I would want to have tenants but not in same compound, so I have to work towards having a second house after the first if I want tenants since it would add to my income. Its good investment.”


Roseline Asukwo – “My mother had about 3 properties, the rent we collected in those properties helped us stand strong even when I lost my dad, if the opportunity arises, I would want to build houses and have tenants.


Dayo – “yes, but I would screen the tenants well o. God help me”


So what do you say? Tenants or no tenants? Perhaps you might even decide to strictly have organisations rent your building. When you build your house, will you accommodate tenants? Landlords, are you enjoying or regretting that you have tenants in your house? Talk to us by using the comment box below or join us on social media now with the hashtag #ShelterMatters



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