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“Social Housing responsibility is solely for FHA not FMBN” – Al-Almin

The managing director of the Federal Housing Authority (FHA), Prof Mohammed Al-Almin, has said that the provision of social housing is the sole responsibility of the authority and not the Federal Mortgage Bank of Nigeria (FMBN) or Ministry of Land, Housing and Authority.

Speaking yesterday in Abuja during the 2015 pre-workers’ day lecture organized by the Senior Staff Association of Communication, Transport, and Corporations (SSACTACs), FHA branch, he also stated that the privatization of the FHA will not be done during his tenure as he will not allow it.

This is coming at a time when it is alleged that there are plans to sell off the authority to few individuals. He maintained that what the federal government is proposing is full commercialisation of the authority and not privatisation and further added that social housing is our right as citizen and it is the duty of the authority to ensure that every Nigerian has a roof is over his/her head.


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