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Ever lived in a ghetto? How was it like?

Ghetto Life

This week’s vox pop is an interesting one as we shared in the experiences of people who have once lived in the ghetto. We threw out this opinion poll to people on Facebook and we were able to harness reactions of different sorts. According to dictionary.com, ghetto is defined as a section of a city, especially a thickly populated slum ...

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What You Should Know About The Proposed Lagos Smart City

Lagos smart city

Lagos Smart City: By all indications Lagos arguably the most populated city in Nigeria is set to become the first smart city in Africa following her historic partnership with the city of Dubai in the last month. According to the number one citizen of Lagos state, Governor Ambode the Lagos smart city project is a deliberate attempt by the government ...

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Traffic congestion and urbanization

Traffic congestion in Lagos

Traffic congestion is a situation in which demand for road space exceeds supply. Traffic congestion is the impedance vehicles impose on each other, due to the speed-flow relationship, in conditions where the use of a transport system approaches capacity. Traffic congestion is essentially a relative phenomenon that is linked to the difference between the roadway system performance that users expect ...

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