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Did Buhari Win Elections Because Of The N5000 Stipend?

N5000 stipend

Did Buhari win elections because of N5000 stipend promised? Why is there so much fuss about a 5000 naira stipend promised to the unemployed graduates in Nigeria that should never have been? Find out in this article. When Buhari made the campaign promise of N5000 stipend to unemployed Nigerians, to me it sounded like child’s play. In fact it was ...

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Has the veil been lifted?

From time immemorial, the build up to any General elections in Africa’s most populous nation incites a lot of shenanigans-a thought provoking jamboree that keeps everyone on his or her toes and that includes fetuses that are allotted that period of time for their grand entry into Mother Earth. During the electioneering process in my country, every aspect of human ...

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Developers drop property prices by 20%

A stable supply of choice homes without the commensurate demand in Nigeria’s high end property market is compelling real estate developers in this segment to drop rates by up to 20 percent. Also, operators in this segment, known for demanding rent in foreign currencies (dollars) now accept naira from prospective customers, this is according to a BusinessDay report. The developers ...

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Politicians sell property to raise funds for elections

In a desperate bid to raise funds ahead of February general elections, politicians seeking or sponsoring candidates for elective posts have started selling their property in major cities of the country such as Lagos, Abuja and Port Harcourt. According to a report by PUNCH, the development had crashed property market value as the politicians reduced the cost of their property ...

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